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The Tiny Vet Clinic saving Canberra pets

Trailblazing Veterinarian revolutionises pet care ensuring accessible pet care for those facing financial hardship

Eloise Bright, a trailblazing veterinarian, leads the charge in ensuring that no pet suffers due to financial constraints. Under her visionary leadership, ACT Pet Crisis Support, a not-for-profit, has brought together a dedicated group of volunteers united by a common goal: to prevent the unnecessary suffering, rehoming and euthanasia of cherished family pets.

Since 2019, ACT Pet Crisis Support has spearheaded efforts to deliver essential veterinary services to vulnerable animals and their owners.

Dr Eloise Bright with patient Ruby
at TVC Karabar
Operating from the innovative Tiny Vet Clinic, housed within a converted caravan meticulously designed by Dr. Bright and her team of volunteers, her mission is undeniably revolutionary.

Every Wednesday, this clinic serves as a beacon of hope for pet owners facing economic hurdles, offering a vital lifeline to those who might otherwise be compelled to make agonising decisions between their cherished companions and life's fundamental needs.

"At the Tiny Vet Clinic, we are not just treating animals; we are preserving the bonds that tie families together," Dr. Bright remarked passionately. "Our services extend far beyond mere consultations; we offer essential treatments, vaccinations, and even surgical interventions, all with the aim of ensuring the welfare of every pet in need."

The drop-in clinic mainly treats dogs and cats and the odd rabbit or two for all sorts of ailments: allergies, ear infections, microchipping, arthritis injections, even behavioural issues etc. It also provides free health checks to pet owners with a healthcare card.

Dr. Bright also works at the RSPCA one day a week and runs her other business Canberra Behaviour Vet which helps pay the bills so she can treat animals in need through the Tiny Vet Clinic.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Dr. Bright's vision transcends the confines of conventional veterinary practice. Her ambition to expand the Tiny Vet Clinic's reach is evident, with plans underway to upgrade facilities, acquire larger premises, and recruit additional medical staff.

Dr Eloise Bright with patient Belle 
at TVC Ainslie
"The demand for our services has never been greater"
, Dr. Bright emphasized. 

"Every day, we encounter heart-wrenching stories of pet owners sacrificing their own well-being to care for their animals. It's our duty to alleviate this burden and provide comprehensive care to every creature in need."

With unyielding determination, Dr. Bright seeks to break barriers and shatter stereotypes within the veterinary community. Her advocacy for a mobile veterinary clinic capable of delivering vital services directly to underserved communities represents a bold stride towards a more equitable future for pets and their owners alike.

"We refuse to accept a world where financial hardship deprives pets of the care they deserve," Dr. Bright declared fervently.
"You shouldn't be rich in order to have a pet!" she added.
"Together, we can redefine the landscape of pet healthcare, ensuring that no animal is ever denied treatment based on economic status."
Volunteer Dr Heather at
TVC Karabar

ACT Pet Crisis Support
 is a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

ACT Pet Crisis Support is entirely run by volunteers, so your donation goes directly towards unexpected vet bills for pets who would otherwise be unable to receive veterinary care. 

To help keep The Tiny Vet Clinic on the road, donate here

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About ACT Pet Crisis Support:

ACT Pet Crisis Support is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing essential veterinary care to pets in need, owned by disadvantaged, low-income pet owners in the ACT region.

Through its flagship initiative, the Tiny Vet Clinic, the organisation strives to eliminate barriers to access and ensure that every animal receives the care it deserves, regardless of financial circumstances. 

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