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Greyhound Adoption Day Event Mudgee - January 27

The GAP Greyhounds of the Central West region are heading to the Vines!

Next Saturday 27th January 2024, 15 beautiful "Sweet Senior" 
Greyhounds will head to Lowe Family Wine Co, for a unique Greyhound Adoption Event.

This is the first Greyhounds As Pets NSW Adoption Event to ever take place in Mudgee!

This will be a day filled with love, laughter, and good times and will give people the opportunity to make a difference in a Greyhound's life while inviting joy into your own.

Over 15 Greyhounds, including several senior Greyhounds (including Rosie pictured here), will be attending and available for adoption.

This sweetheart is celebrating her 10th birthday. Rosie is a bundle of friendliness, making her ideal for those seeking a loving and affectionate pet. 

Despite her age, Rosie is still filled with spirit and a zest for life, whether it's a playful dash in the yard or a leisurely stroll.

Submit an early pre-application for Rosie:

What to expect? 

  • Meet & Greet: Interact with our Greyhounds and learn more about this spectacular breed.
  • Adoption Insights: Let our GAP staff assist you every step of the way sharing their 15 years of Greyhound adoption expertise! Attendees could take home their new Greyhound friend the same day!
  • Adoptions with GAP on Adoption Day include:
  • Vet checked, Wormed, Vaccinated, Microchipped, and Desexing, Lead and Collar, Detailed Information about your Greyhound's history and their one-of-a-kind personality.

When: Saturday 27th January 2024
, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Where: Lowe Family Wine Co., Tinja Ln, Mudgee, NSW, 2850

Register online here to receive a Dogologue of all the Greyhounds attending on the day and lodge an application early.

Adoptable senior Greyhounds Thomas (left) and Smylee (right)
Why do Senior Greyhounds make great pets?

✔️ Mature Companionship: Senior Greyhounds are ready to offer you the joy of companionship, forming strong bonds and becoming your new best friend.

✔️ No Puppy Behaviours: They have outgrown the energetic and sometimes challenging behaviours associated with puppyhood, making them a calm and relaxed addition to your home.

✔️ Leash Manners: Senior Greyhounds typically walk well on a leash, making daily walks a pleasant and enjoyable experience for both of you.

✔️ Obedient Pals: Many senior Greyhounds have mastered basic obedience commands, saving you time and effort in training. They are quick learners and aim to please.

✔️ Social Butterflies: Having often lived in homes before, senior Greyhounds come with developed social skills. They understand the dynamics of a household and can easily adapt to your routine.

✔️ Established Personalities: Their personalities are fully developed, allowing you to quickly determine if they are a good fit for you and your family. This transparency makes the adoption process smoother.

✔️ Calm Demeanour: Senior Greyhounds are known for their calm demeanour, making them excellent companions for individuals or families looking for a more relaxed pet.

✔️ Lower Energy Levels: While still enjoying playtime, senior greyhounds generally have lower energy levels compared to younger dogs. This makes them an ideal choice for households seeking a more laid-back pet.

✔️ Appreciation for Love: Older dogs often come with a deep appreciation for love and care. They understand the value of a comfortable home and are grateful for the attention and care you provide.

✔️ Never Too Old to Learn: Contrary to the saying, you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks! Senior Greyhounds are receptive to learning and can surprise you with their adaptability and willingness to engage in new activities.

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th January 2024

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