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Beldray Pet Plus+ range for pet owners at Bunnings

As much as we adore our pets, they can be prone to making a mess!

Beldray Pet Plus+ is a new range specifically designed for pet owners, to help you maintain a clean home even with a furry friend.

Cleaning up muddy paw prints, removing pet hair and collecting our beloved pet’s chewed-up toys can leave us feeling exhausted at the end of a busy day. With the Beldray Pet Plus+ collection, you can tackle everything from dirt to debris without leaving scratches on your furniture or flooring.

1. Beldray Pet Plus+ Handheld Gel Lint Roller

An essential accessory for pet owners, this handheld Beldray Pet Plus+ Gel Lint Roller takes the effort out of pet hair removal. Designed to be eco-friendly, the TPR gel roller is washable and reusable, a fantastic way to reduce waste from single use paper sheets.

This portable roller also features a built-in squeegee which is perfect for pet hair, fluff and lint removal on various surfaces.
Ergonomically designed, the handle of the sticky roller fits comfortably in the palm for a secure and controlled hold during use.

A multi-use product, this roller is ideal for use on clothes, garments and various upholstered surfaces such as furniture or curtains.

2. Beldray Pet Plus+ One Sweep Foam Broom

Clean all your hard floor surfaces with the Beldray Pet Plus+ One Sweep Foam Broom. Perfect for pet owners, the slim line broom head will easily lift and trap pet hair and dust particles. The super absorbent head can be used either damp or dry so even the finest of dust is collected. 

Extremely user-friendly, the handle is extendable up to 120cm so that even the hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned effectively. Featuring a compact design and hanging hook, the broom can be easily stored away.

3. Beldray Pet Plus+ TPR Upholstery Pet Brush

Make quick work of removing pet hair, dirt and dust from your upholstery and sofas with the Upholstery Brush. Featuring non-scratch rubber bristles and a scraper made from thermoplastic rubber, this handheld brush lifts and traps pet hair as well as capturing dust and dirt – making it ideal for homes with pets. 

Dust and dirt are easily removed using the scraper lip. Made from durable materials, brush handles include a hanging hole for simple storage.

4. Beldray Pet Plus+ Pet Hair Removal Brush

Whether you want to pick up lint from your upholstery or smooth over your outfit before you head out, the Pet Hair Removal Brush will leave you and your surfaces in immaculate condition with minimal effort. 

With micro bristles that cleverly trap pet hair, lint, and dust, the Pet Hair Removal Brush also features a detachable base for easy dirt removal. 

Simply sweep the brush along your upholstery or clothing, insert the brush into the detachable base then remove to watch the pet hair, lint and dust disappear.

5. Beldray Pet Plus+ Dustpan and Broom Set

Make quick work of brushing away pesky pet hair from your furniture and floor with the Dustpan and Broom Set. Ideal for cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery and more, this durable set is compact and lightweight for effortless use. With scratch-free rubber bristles, the telescopic broom has a 180° swivel head and extends up to 123cm for hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with a footstep to hold the dustpan in place whilst sweeping, the teeth can be used to remove debris from the brush head. Clipping together for simple storage, this set also features a handy hook for easy storage.

6. Beldray Pet Plus+ Dustpan and Brush Set

Ideal for cleaning worktops, windowsills, spillages and more, the durable Dustpan and Brush Set makes quick work of clearing dust, dirt, and spills. 

Compact and lightweight for effortless use, the brush features strong, high-quality bristles to sweep dust and dirt into the dustpan or use the scraper lip to remove liquid spills. 

For added ease, the brush and dustpan clip together with a hanging hook for simple storage.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $8.99-$29.99
Beldray Pet Plus+ collection is available now from Bunnings Warehouse.

For availability or to purchase, visit

About Brand Merchant

Brand Merchant is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Beldray. Established in the United Kingdom in 1872 as Bradley and Co. Ltd.
Beldray is recognised as the number one brand for housewares – delivering dependable, essential household products at competitive prices. From inventing the first adjustable ironing board to developing quality cleaning products that improve your lifestyle, Beldray continue to innovate and expand their product range. Perfect for pet owners, the Pet Plus+ collection is designed to tackle everything from dirt to debris without leaving scratches on your furniture or flooring.

Find Beldray Australia on Facebook @beldrayau or on Instagram @beldrayau

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