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Top Christmas-inspired Pet Names 2023

Pet Insurance Australia
has released their top 10 pet names for 2023. Plus, those notable Christmas-inspired pet names!

“It’s that time of year when many will be inviting the pitter patter of paws and pads into their homes,” Crighton says.

“Many pet owners will be looking for some inspiration when it comes to naming their pets, so Pet Insurance Australia has released their top Christmas-inspired names for 2023, alongside our most popular names for the year.”

10 Christmas Inspired Pet Names

1. Angel
2. Joy
3. Noel
4. Glory
5. Faith
6. Snow
7. Twinkle
8. Heaven
9. Frosty
10. Charlie Brown

8 Reindeer Inspired Pet Names

1. Comet
2. Dasher
3. Dancer
4. Prancer
5. Vixen
6. Cupid
7. Blitzen
8. Rudolph

“Interestingly, the only one missing on the list for our reindeer is Donner,” Crighton says. “So, if you are looking for a unique Christmas pet name, this could be the one for you!”

Top 10 Pet Names 2023

Dogs – The Lovely Ladies

1. Luna
2. Daisy
3. Coco
4. Bella
5. Frankie
6. Molly
7. Lola
8. Millie
9. Willow
10. Rosie

Dogs – The Dashing Gentlemen

1. Teddy
2. Charlie
3. Milo
4. Archie
5. Ollie
6. Buddy
7. Murphy
8. Max
9. Alfie
10. Leo

“We just love to see some of the old favourites coming back in fashion like Murphy and Rosie,” Crighton says. “Some just missing out were certainly interesting from Billie (most likely inspired by the famous singer), Koda and Odin.”

Cats – Feisty Feline Females

1. Luna
2. Coco
3. Oreo
4. Stevie
5. Cleo
6. Luca
7. Pepper
8. Willow
9. Ziggy
10. Bella

Cats – Marvellous Feline Males

1. Leo
2. Loki
3. Mochi
4. Ollie
5. Billy
6. Charlie
7. Alfie
8. Archie
9. Beau
10. Chino

“The top 10 cat names this year are just wonderful examples of a great mix of names, from food-inspired names and popular TV characters alongside common dog names,” Crighton says. “Cat names can be much more expressive than our canine companions, with other interesting names just missing out on the list, including Gizmo, Cosmo and Percy.”

Top Tips For Naming Your Pet

When choosing a name for your pet, PIA has some great advice.

“Have a couple on hand that you love and see when your new family member comes home which suits better,” Crighton says. 
“Personally, I was devoted to one name, and when my puppy came home, we quickly decided it wasn’t the name for her, so she was known as ‘pup’ for around a week until we came up with the perfect name.”

Some other tips include:

✔️ Recallability – how easily can you call the name across a dog park?

✔️ Length – choose two-syllable names; it makes it easier for your pet to hear.

✔️ Timelessness – choose a name that will stand the test of time.

✔️ Avoid - try and stay clear of names that sound like training commands.

✔️ Vowels - End the name with a vowel.

“These are not set in stone by any means, but if you are perhaps getting a dog for the first time, ending the name in a vowel will allow your dog to understand their name easier as the tone in your voice will naturally change,” Crighton says. “However, many pets end up with nicknames, some that have no relation to the actual name, and they will tend to follow this process inherently.”

PIA also wants to remind readers of important considerations if you're thinking of buying a pet during Christmas.

"It's a great time of year to invite a furry friend into your home as you'll have more time to settle the new arrival before heading back to work and school," Crighton says. 

"However, it is vital to remember that a pet is a long-term commitment and needs to be carefully considered to avoid heartache for you and the pet. Pets need training, consistency, and love alongside food, bedding and lifelong veterinary care, budgeting is important before becoming a pet owner."

MEDIA RELEASE, 22nd December 2023

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