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Paw Xplore launches Smart Dog Tags

Advanced QR and NFC capabilities, GPS alerts, and instant contact features mark a new era in pet protection and connectivity

Paw Xplore, is thrilled to announce the launch of Australia's first smart dog tag, a ground-breaking product set to redefine pet safety and owner peace of mind. This advanced pet tag combines QR code and NFC technology, offering an unprecedented level of information access and security for pet owners nationwide.

The new
Paw Xplore smart dog tag features a unique, scannable QR code and NFC capabilities, allowing anyone with a smartphone to quickly access a pet’s profile. 

This profile can display crucial information, such as the pet's medical history, behaviour, and owner's contact details, with customisable privacy settings. 

Owners can choose to make certain information public for quicker assistance if their pet is lost or keep it private for selected access.

In a leap forward for lost pet recovery, the tag's technology enables it to send GPS coordinates to the owner once the pet is found and the tag is scanned. This feature significantly increases the chances of a timely and stress-free reunion.

Another key feature of the Paw Xplore smart dog tag is the ability for the finder to instantly call or text the pet owner upon scanning or tapping the tag. This immediate line of communication dramatically enhances the safety net for lost pets, ensuring they can be returned to their owners as quickly as possible.

Credit: @beagle_boy_bernie

"We're excited to bring this level of technology and convenience to Australian pet owners," said Briana Cowan, Co-Founder, of Paw Xplore

"Our goal is to blend innovation with the deep love and concern we have for our pets, offering an unparalleled safety tool for our furry family members."

Paw Xplore was created when co-founder, Daniel, discovered his Beagle Ruby, had escaped. Fortunately she came home with a paper note under her collar, as her traditional dog tag was very hard to read. The note made it clear that Ruby should have been wearing a tag that was easy to read Daniel's contact details.

The Paw Xplore smart dog tag is more than just a tag - it's a commitment to pet safety and owner peace of mind. It's available now for all Australian pet owners who want the best in pet protection and technology.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $39.95 (Tag) plus $20.00 / year for Subscription option.

For more information on Paw Xplore and their innovative smart dog tags, please visit

You can find Paw Xplore on Facebook at and @pawxplore on Instagram.

About Paw Xplore:

Paw Xplore is a leading pet technology company based in Australia, dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners through innovative products. Their mission is to provide advanced, practical solutions for everyday pet care challenges.

MEDIA RELEASE, November 2023

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