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YelpKelp® launches Kelp Supplement for Dogs

YelpKelp® revolutionises the pet nutrition industry with the launch of a powerful kelp supplement for dogs

YelpKelp®, a pioneer in the pet industry, proudly announces the launch of a revolutionary pet supplement designed to address the growing concern of iodine deficiency in dogs. 

By harnessing the incredible power of kelp, YelpKelp® offers an innovative solution that can be easily incorporated into your dog's daily diet, ensuring they receive the essential iodine they need.

The rise in popularity of raw and natural diets for dogs has brought about an alarming increase in iodine deficiency among our four-legged companions. Although commercial dog food typically includes iodine, the shift towards more natural feeding options leaves many dogs lacking this mineral which plays a crucial role in maintaining a dog’s health and poses risks of Hypothyroidism, a common hormonal disorder that can lead to growth stunting, excessive thirst, hair loss, lethargy, and weight gain. Moreover, iodine deficiency in dogs has been linked to thyroid cancer and other tumorous diseases.

’s ground-breaking supplement in the form of a powder that can be sprinkled on top of food, leverages the power of kelp to address iodine deficiency. 

It also goes a step beyond to provide an all-in-one dog one supplement that encompasses a range of other health benefits and preventative measures, including enhancing a dog's immune system, supporting overall health, reducing inflammation, improving skin conditions, enhancing cognitive function and mobility, and regulating thyroid function and metabolism.

Adopting a sustainable and planet-friendly approach, YelpKelp® have collaborated with sustainable seaweed industries to develop a canine-approved supplement featuring a unique blend of sustainably sourced seaweeds from pristine waters across New Zealand, Patagonia, Tasmania, Nova Scotia, and Brittany; leaving a positive impact on pets, people and planet.

Nina Howell, the CEO and Co-founder of YelpKelp®, has pursued her passion project to fill a visible gap within the pet nutrition industry.
“As a pet owner myself, I have a deep love for animals and their wellbeing, so I embarked on this mission to redefine pet care through the incredible power of kelp,” says Nina.
The chemical free, unique blend has been meticulously developed with the guidance of specialist animal nutritionists. 
Sprinkle YelpKelp® on top of your dog’s raw or natural diet daily to make a positive impact on the health of canine companions, all while nurturing a sustainable planet.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $69.00. YelpKelp® is now available for online purchase Australia-wide at

About YelpKelp®

YelpKelp® is a pet supplement company harnessing the power of kelp to improve the health and well-being of dogs. With a commitment to sustainability, canine nutrition, and holistic pet care, YelpKelp® is redefining pet nutrition through innovation and science.

MEDIA RELEASE, 17th October 2023

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