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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Shedding Pets

The approaching Summer is great, but our clever furry friends often start shedding more, making household cleaning somewhat hair-raising... 

Luckily, CleanHQ Australia imports all sorts of cleaning goodies to help and shared some of their best tips to clean up after your beloved pets.

Banish the Hair with Vamoosh

First up is the
Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver
This magical product dissolves pet hair in the wash, preventing it from clogging up your washing machine – a common problem for pet owners.

Simply add a sachet to your regular detergent when washing pet bedding or clothing and voila! 

Hair-free, fresh-smelling items without any fuss.

#2. Don't Cross Contaminate

Use Minky - We also recommend using the Minky Pet Care Pad for cleaning your pet's bedding, toys, blankies, and so on. 

This antibacterial cleaning pad ensures you're not using the same cloth for cleaning your things and your pet's, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

It's a win-win situation – your pet's items are clean, and so are yours! No wonder Mrs. Hinch loved her Min-keh so much...

#3. Freshen Up with Astonish

Pets love to lounge on carpets and upholstery, leaving behind odours and stains. But fear not, the Astonish Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is here to the rescue! This powerful cleaner effectively removes stains and leaves your carpets and upholstery smelling divine with its lotus flower scent.

#4. Have Fun with Scrub Daddy Pet Shapes

Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. With the Scrub Daddy Pet Shapes, you can add a dash of fun to your cleaning routine.

These adorable scrubbing tools, inspired by your pets, help you avoid cross-contamination by using the dog/cat Scrub Daddy / Mummy to clean up after your pet only. 

They’re also effective in removing the toughest stains, without leaving any residue behind like other scrubs can do.

#5. Say Goodbye to Odours with Fabulosa

Pets can sometimes bring unwanted smells into your home. But with Fabulosa, you can quickly eliminate those odours. This antibacterial cleaner cleans surfaces and leaves a long-lasting fresh scent in your home. Fabulosa's wide range of fragrances means you can choose the perfect scent to compliment your home, making it feel clean, comfortable, and inviting even after the most lively pet playtime.

#6. Tackle Tough Stains with The Pink Stuff 

For the toughest pet stains, turn to The Pink Stuff. This miracle cleaning paste is perfect for tackling muddy paw prints, messes from puppy training, and more. 

The Pink Stuff's versatility allows it to be used on various surfaces, from carpets and upholstery to hard floors. So, no matter where your pet makes a mess, you can clean it up easily. It's a must-have for any pet owner!

Maintaining a clean home with pets is possible with a little help from CleanHQ

Take a look through our range at, and you’re guaranteed to find a range of products that can keep your home spotless and smelling fresh, no matter what your furry friends throw at you. 

It's time to embrace the chaos, enjoy the cuddles, and let CleanHQ handle the mess!

About Clean HQ

CleanHQ’s brings the world’s best cult cleaning products to Australia.
British brands include The Pink Stuff, Minky, Astonish, Vamoosh and Fabulosa.
Exclusive Australian importer for the Scrub Daddy family of cleaning products.
CleanHQ also stocks Koala Eco, while aiming to ensure all its brands have strong environmental credentials.

Follow them at @cleanhqau on Instagram or

MEDIA RELEASE, 17th October 2023

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