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Kurgo Australia launches Floating Skipping Stones

Kurgo's Innovative Floating Skipping Stones Designed to Elevate Your Water Fetch Experience

As the summer season unfolds, Kurgo, a leading innovator in pet travel and adventure products, is excited to introduce a dynamic twist to canine outdoor activities with their Floating Skipping Stones. These fun skipping stones promise to redefine outdoor playtime.

Summer is a time for exploration and revelling in the great outdoors, and what better way to make the most of it than by engaging your furry friend in exciting water-based activities?

Kurgo's Floating Skipping Stones take your dog's summer experience to the next level, providing an engaging and interactive way to enjoy the season together.

Key Features and Benefits:

✔️ Realistic Stone Shape: The stones closely mimic the appearance of natural stones, making every fetch game feel like a thrilling treasure hunt.

✔️ High Visibility Colours: Vibrant and easily discernible colours ensure these skipping stones are always in sight, even during the sunniest summer days.

✔️ Buoyancy and Durability: Specially engineered for buoyancy and durability, these skipping stones stand up to the rigors of active play, even in water.

Safe and Easy Maintenance: Crafted from non-toxic materials, Kurgo Floating Skipping Stones are dishwasher-safe, prioritising your pet's health and convenience.

✔️ Size Variety: Choose from three sizes to match your preferred play style: 
  • Orange "Easy Rider" (4" W x 2.5" H x 1" D)
  • Green "Fat Bob" (3.5" W x 2.75" H x 1.25" D)
  • Purple "Tiny" (3.5" W x 2.5" H x 1" D).

Whether at the beach, enjoying an outdoor picnic, or having a backyard playdate, Kurgo's Floating Skipping Stones are ideal for your dog's summer toolkit.

Kurgo Australia Skipping Stones are available at all good pet retailers. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $34.99Head to to find out where to buy.

About Kurgo

Kurgo ( can be summed up with just two words: go together. This concept informs everything we do: the products we make, the causes and ideas we are passionate about, and the impact we hope to have in our customers’ lives. We believe your dog is more than just a pet. They are your best friend, family member, hiking partner, and adventure buddy. You go everywhere together. We want to help you go safely, comfortably, and happily together. That’s why we specifically design our products to make adventuring with your dog easier than ever.

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th October 2023

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