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ilume Pet Health System is a world first

A smart health system that helps your beloved pooch live longer

Created by local pet tech start-up ilume, the system tracks your pup’s emotions, daily activity, nutritional intake, and more, to help them live a longer, happier life.

Melbourne start-up ilume has made looking after your much loved pup a walk in the park, with its world-first smart technology designed to help you enhance your dog’s health and wellbeing—and ultimately—help your furry friend live a longer life.

The innovative four-part ilume Pet Health System includes a Fitbit-like Smart Tracker, the dynamic Smart Bowl, and the intelligent Home Hub, all connected via one easy-to-use app to make managing the holistic health of your pet as easy as playing fetch.

With studies showing that overweight dogs have a significantly reduced quality of life in terms of energy, enthusiasm, and comfort, ilume’s global-first technology is a game-changer for dedicated pet parents everywhere.

ilume is no stranger to innovation, first disrupting the global pet care industry with a tailored-to-dog home-cooked meal kit formulated by top dog nutritionists. Now, with its cutting-edge ilume Pet Health System, the company puts Australia at the forefront of a pet health revolution.
“We started ilume with a singular mission in mind: to help dogs live longer, happier lives.” says Craig Silbery, Founder, ilume.
With our new, innovative system, Australians can now access cutting-edge technology that will help them build a profound connection to their canine companion like never before.

It’s an exciting new era for pet care, where every dog can thrive, prosper, and enjoy a life filled with boundless happiness.”

Christian McGilloway, Chief Technology Officer, ilume, explains:

“Our pioneering technology uses machine learning and AI to adapt to your dog’s unique needs, quirks, and behaviours, from the optimal amount of food they need right down to how they can age in a healthy way. 
“The system understands that no two dogs are the same, and it uses your dog’s unique biodata to take you and your dog on a lifelong, personalised journey.
“These insights help you manage your dog’s wellbeing, even when you’re not home. The app tells you how the weather affects your dog’s activity and subsequent food intake, how your dog plays and sleeps, and how your dog is feeling. A blessing, for all those (like us), who spend all day thinking about their four-legged friends.”

Price & Where to Buy:

The ilume Pet Health System (4 variants) is now available for Australians to order at an exclusive early bird price of $299 (RRP $399). 

Purchase now at

About ilume:

ilume was born from a desire to give people more time with their dogs. Using machine learning and AI, we’ve created the world’s first fully integrated pet health system to help dog owners access real-time data about their dog's health, activity levels, and behaviour patterns, and empower them to help their dogs live a longer, healthier life.

For more information, visit

About Craig Silbery:

After working in the human health science space for a number of years, Craig shifted his sights to pet health after losing his dog early. Craig noticed a lack of education when it came to managing preventable diseases in dogs, so he set out to create a pet-tech tracking system delivering food and health insights to dog owners to empower them to help their dogs live longer. And so ilume was born.

About Christian McGilloway: 

Formerly the chief technology innovation officer at Retail Zoo (home to Boost Juice Bars, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, Cibo Espresso, and Betty’s Burgers), Christian McGillow is the chief technology officer at ilume. He’s also a former CIO50 #12 & #16, IT News CIO Retail runner up, and Inside Retail Top 50 in Ecommerce #21, specialising in digital strategy, disruptive technologies, and start-ups.

MEDIA RELEASE, 23rd October 2023

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