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Ilume launches chef-prepared meals for dogs

Help your dog live their healthiest life by tracking their activity and preparing fresh meals based on their data

New pet health company ilume launches across Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide today giving thousands of dog owners the option to access chef-prepared meals, specifically personalised through technology to enhance and extend the lives of their dogs.

After a 'pawsome' launch across Victoria in November last year, dog owners in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide can now experience the convenience of nutritious, human-grade food meals delivered right to their front door, and developed based on intuitive data and insights into their dogs' health needs.

The ilume™ Full Tech Suite includes
a Wearable Activity Tracker & Smart Bowl

is the first pet health program to bring together nutrition and tech, using a collar tracker and companion app to make intelligent decisions based on pets' real-time data. 

Developed in Melbourne, backed by science, powered by technology and made with love, ilume is leading a revolution and changing the way we feed our dogs.

Victorians have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of the program for their four-legged family members, even renowned chef Adam D’Sylva, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Coda and Tonka, and culinary Director at Lollo appreciates the care and science that underpins the brand.

ilume is like nothing I've ever seen before. Every detail has been considered, it’s beautifully plated and it’s genuinely restaurant-quality for dogs. This is a new paradigm for dog food,” Adam said.

The level of care ilume customers demonstrate for their pet's health and wellbeing is echoed in the company's values, with CEO and co-founder Craig Silbery having sold his $700 million business, Life-Space probiotics, to launch ilume as a love letter to his two dogs, Tokyo and Murray, and to help the 23 million pet owners across Australia.

With degrees in science, human nutrition and psychology, Craig's passion is backed by knowledge: "We created ilume to empower pet owners and deliver a unique insight into our pets’ worlds, something we've never had before. By harnessing this insight through the use of smart technology and scientifically backed, restaurant-quality food, ilume helps to create a happier and healthier life for our beloved four-legged friends," says Craig.

"Our pets are now clearly defined as part of our families, and we’ve developed ilume to give us even longer time with them. We’ve seen that our customers want to commit to better their pet's health and wellbeing, just as they do their own.

Poached turkey medallions with
 spinach mousse, slaw and bone broth
"All meals are created in ilume's commercial kitchen, using only the freshest, human-grade, locally sourced produce, led by culinary director Gary Sauer.”

Melbourne based pet lovers Mick Millar and Ciara Walsh have had their beloved Airedale Terrier, Olive on the program since the company launched late last year, and can't speak highly enough of its benefits.

"There’s no other way to put it, Olive is thriving on her ilume diet; her coat is shinier, she seems more relaxed and calm and we can tell with the data through the smart collar and the app that she is sleeping more soundly."

ilume launched in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide on 24 April.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $6.80 per day (personalised meals for your pooch, excluding any pet tech). 

For more information, visit

You can find ilume on Facebook at 
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MEDIA RELEASE, 26th April 2022

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