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Groke Pet launches Liquid Pet Multivitamin Supplements

Groke Pet introduces its innovative Liquid Pet Multivitamin Supplements at the VET Expo 2023 

Birthed from a deep love for pets and commitment to quality and sustainability, Groke Pet offers scientifically developed premium products that deliver unparalleled care for pets while ensuring sustainable and community-centric practices.

Formulated and manufactured in Australia, these liquid pet supplements for dogs boast 98% local ingredients and promise to redefine pet nutrition with a dedication to quality and community wellness.

Anne Duggan
, CEO, encapsulates the mission, stating, “Every drop infuses the rich goodness of Australia, fostering not only thriving but flourishing pets.” The range, including the standout Vitalixir Complete Daily Nutrition, offering over 48 vital nutrients in a convenient, easily absorbed liquid format.

Dr. Andrew Duggan, Chief Scientist, credits the breakthrough to “relentless work and collaboration with an exceptional team.” 

Vitalixir PLUS boosters additionally target specific health areas in dogs, from skeletal health, skin, and coat rejuvenation, to weight management and anxiety relief. Each booster blends nutrients and superfoods aimed at promoting optimal health.

Groke Pet champions:

✔️ Local Sourcing: Prioritising Australian ingredients.

✔️ Eco-Conscious Packaging: Adopting and encouraging sustainable practices.

✔️ Community Fostering: Partnering with social enterprise supporting individuals with disabilities.

“We merge superior quality and ethical production, promising vitality for your pet and a stride towards sustainable living,” explains Anne.

Groke Pet stands out in the transforming pet nutrition industry by providing a tasty, nutrient-rich, and convenient supplement for pets while adhering to sustainability and community-enhancing practices.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $99.00 - $149.00 (Starter Packs).

Embrace well-being for pets, people, and the planet at

You can find Groke Pet on Stand S5 at the VET Expo 2023 or Facebook at and @grokepet on Instagram

About Groke Pet

Groke Pet is an Australian business which develops, manufacturers and distributes scientifically formulated liquid pet multivitamin supplements. Groke Pet's products are made from 98% Australian ingredients and are sustainably packaged. Groke Pet is a socially responsible Australian business.

MEDIA RELEASE, 18th October 2023 

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