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PetWell Health Treats & Supplements expands distribution channels

Victoria Harbour Pharmacy expands product line to include PetWell Health Treats & Supplements

In a significant move that highlights the evolving landscape of pet care, Victoria Harbour Pharmacy has embraced a new distribution channel by proudly introducing PetWell health treats and supplements for dogs and cats. 

This decision breaks with tradition as these high-quality products are typically exclusive to pet specialty stores, marking a shift towards an emerging distribution channel for all-natural pet supplements and functional treats.

Victoria Harbour Pharmacy's Natasha 
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The addition of PetWell products to the pharmacy's offerings reflects a growing awareness of the importance of pet nutrition and wellness. Victoria Harbour Pharmacy recognises the value they bring to pets' health and well-being.

Fiona Barry, the Retail Manager of Victoria Harbour Pharmacy, expressed her enthusiasm for this change, stating "as a dog owner myself, I understand the importance of good nutrition for pets, and our customers recognise the goodness in the PetWell products and the value they bring to our pets' health. They have been incredibly popular with our customers.”

Co-owner of PetWell, Ayda Hornak says “the uptake of our treats and supplements have exceeded our expectations. Pharmacies represent a distribution avenue we are eager to further explore. Pharmacies are an obvious channel due to the positive impact that PetWell products have on enhancing pets' overall health."

This strategic partnership aims to make these products more accessible to pet owners, ensuring that pets receive the best care and nutrition available, right from their local pharmacy.

Hornak says “The move to introduce PetWell products at Victoria Harbour Pharmacy promises to provide pet owners with a convenient and reliable source for all-natural pet supplements and functional treats. It underscores the pharmacy's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in meeting the evolving needs of the community and their much-loved pets.”

Some background about PetWell

PetWell, a provider of pet health solutions, is proud of their game-changing range of supplements, functional treats, and freeze-dried, single-ingredient treats for dogs and cats. 

These innovative products are designed with the utmost care and commitment to pet well-being, setting a new standard for quality, nutrition, and transparency in the pet industry.

PetWell's dedication to pet health begins with the sourcing of ingredients. The company's products feature human-grade ingredients, ensuring that pets receive the same level of quality and safety that humans do.

PetWell's co-founder, Ayda Hornak, believes that our pets deserve the same level of nutrition and care we provide ourselves. She shared her perspective, saying, "As a breast cancer survivor, I learned all about the healing power of real food and its profound benefits for the body. That's why we exclusively incorporate scientifically validated, all-natural ingredients to deliver the specific advantages we aim for."

Key facts about PetWell's revolutionary products:

1. Human-Grade Ingredients: PetWell® healthy dog and cat treats and supplements are created for pets using human-grade ingredients that are safe for their daily consumption.

2. All-Natural: PetWell® healthy dog and cat treats and supplements are free of synthetics, preservatives, artificial flavours, and colours.

3. Professionally Developed: PetWell® dog and cat supplements are formulated by a pet naturopath using ingredients to benefit the health and overall well-being of pets.

PetWell's product line includes supplements professional developed by a pet naturopath, specially formulated to address various aspects of pet health, including joint support, digestive health, anxiety and stress management and immune support for overall well-being.

Their Functional Treats are not only delicious but also provide specific health benefits, making them the ideal daily rewards for pets. They are freeze-dried proteins infused with PetWell’s supplements.

Furthermore, PetWell offers Freeze-Dried Single Ingredient Treats that retain all the natural goodness of the original ingredient without any additives.

PetWell's commitment to quality extends to their mission to improve the lives of pets by providing all-natural, human-grade treats and supplements that support their health and overall well-being.

These innovative products are now available to pet owners who seek the very best for their fur family.

For more information about PetWell and its range of supplements, functional treats, and freeze-dried single-ingredient treats, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, September 2023

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