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Pound Paws Dog Day BUPA Clayton - August 5

Pound Paws, an Australian-based Animal Welfare Charity and BUPA Aged Care have joined forces in an inspiring partnership aimed at bringing together rescue pets and elderly individuals residing in nursing homes across Australia. 

This collaboration seeks to alleviate loneliness among the elderly by facilitating the adoption of pets from shelters and creating loving companionships in nursing home settings.

Scientific research has consistently highlighted the numerous physical and mental health benefits that pets offer, including stress reduction, companionship, and increased social interactions. 

These benefits are especially crucial for older adults who often face isolation and loneliness, relying on the presence of a furry companion to thrive, whether at home or in a residential aged care facility.

According to CANA's recent aged care report, a staggering 61% of older adults live alone, with 74% of pet owners among them crediting their animals for providing companionship and alleviating feelings of loneliness. 

Clayton Aged Care residents were surprised by furry and feathered friends (Twitter / December 2021)
Recognising the significance of this issue, Pound Paws and BUPA Aged Care have come together to make a positive impact in the lives of both rescue animals and the elderly.

"We firmly believe that pets can significantly enhance the well-being of residents in our centres. Over the years, we have been fortunate to witness countless heart-warming friendships blossom between our residents and a variety of animals, from dogs to birds," said Amanda Grimmer - BUPA Aged Care Business Development Manager (VIC / SA).

“Animals possess a unique ability to communicate without words, impacting the hearts of humans. The companionship formed with our furry friends is unparalleled, and Pound Paws is thrilled to launch this partnership with BUPA Aged Care, fostering numerous loving connections between pet owners and rescue pets across retirement communities in Australia," said Brittany Bloomer, Founder of Pound Paws.

One of the major barriers to pet adoption is the lack of access to pounds and rescue centres, often due to distance or transportation constraints. To overcome this challenge, Pound Paws not only hosts an online rescue pet search engine, but organises Dog Adoption Events, bringing dogs available for adoption from various rescue groups directly to the public.

One rescue group in particular, Amazing Greys, will be bringing along Greyhound dogs, which they have rescued from racing and now ready to retire. These events also serve as platforms for educating the public about the happiness and wellbeing of rescue pets through the Rescue Dog Adoption Parade.

The Rescue Dog Adoption Parade is a remarkable opportunity for the public to learn more about various rescue groups and their incredible work. 

Pound Paws will be hosting their first event at BUPA Aged Care Clayton on Saturday 5th of August. This event will be open to the public to attend, with a variety of fun activities for all ages.

Additionally, educational talks on stage cover a range of topics including Animal Communication, Pet Health, and Responsible Pet Ownership. Pound Paws firmly believes that education is key to successful pet ownership.

Pound Paws is looking forward to launching at BUPA, Clayton which presents a fantastic opportunity to reach a new network of potential pet owners who are in desperate need of support and companionship.

When: Saturday 5th August 2023, from 11am to 2pm

Where: BUPA Aged Care Clayton12 Burton Avenue Clayton, VIC 3168

Cost: Free

For the latest updates, visit this Event's Facebook page or EventBrite Link

About Pound Paws

Pound Paws is a prominent animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned pets and promoting responsible pet ownership. By connecting rescue pets with loving homes, Pound Paws has made a significant impact in the animal adoption landscape.
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About BUPA Aged Care

BUPA Aged Care has 59 aged care homes which support over 5,000 residents with residential, respite, specialised dementia and palliative care.
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MEDIA RELEASE, 27th July 2023

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