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Petstock's Home Town Heroes 2023 campaign starts soon!

Animal lovers urged to donate to people and pets in need this June

With continued rising interest rates, inflation and pressures associated with the increased cost of living, more and more Aussies are turning to charities for support across a range of services, putting added pressure on organisations already struggling to meet community demands.

That’s why throughout June, The Petstock Foundation will again be hosting its national Home Town Heroes initiative which aims to raise awareness and financial support to assist over 40 grassroots partner organisations in helping their local communities Australia-wide.

The Petstock Foundation, the charity arm of the Petstock Group, is working alongside many community charities with links back to our beloved pets.

Operations Lead for the Petstock Foundation, Sherralea Cassidy, says many not-for-profits are experiencing increases in the demand for their services across the board, yet there’s been a significant decrease in terms of financial donations and volunteer time to keep grassroots charities afloat in recent months.

“In speaking to charities across the country, we’re hearing donations are dwindling and smaller enterprises are at risk of becoming overburdened as people prioritise their spending, which in turn is impacting local communities reliant on ongoing financial support, volunteer programs and resourcing help,” says Sherralea.

A study reporting on the not-for-profit sector [1] in Australia revealed the industry remains under considerable financial pressure. The report uncovered that profitability has continued to decline, with about 50 per cent of organisations making a loss or only breaking even.

The Home Town Heroes initiative aims to raise over $100,000 for its charity partners most in need, through a dedicated donation program with the help of animal lovers across the country who are able to spare some change.

“For this year’s Home Town Heroes campaign and for the first time ever, Petstock stores across the country have been given the opportunity to individually select their very own local grassroots charity hero which often gets overlooked in place of larger state-based charities. 

This means that more of the money raised will have an impact that can be seen and felt locally, which allows us to connect with our communities by directly helping the people and pets in need.

“In addition to Petstock’s pledge of $50,000, proceeds raised next month will financially benefit these community-driven organisations, enabling them to continue to focus on the very important on-the-ground work they do to provide the best outcomes and responses to their individual community needs,” says Sherralea.

Credit: Pets of the Homeless
While research from
Mccrindle maintains charitable giving has traditionally remained strong in Australia compared to other countries, their most recent data suggests nearly one in five Australians do not give at all. And it is with no surprise industry experts are predicting a rise in these figures in the short-term as economic hardships and challenges continue in 2023.

“In these challenging times, donations to grassroots charities are more important than ever. Every act of kindness makes a significant difference to the wonderful work they do by providing financial assistance to continue running their specialised services - such as educational programs, safe shelter, companion animal management care, food, product, veterinary care and other community support.

“Whether you choose to purchase a helping heart or kindly donate a gold coin at the counter - every little bit counts in helping our partner charities empower a better future for people and pets most in need in their local communities,” says Sherralea.

The Petstock Foundation’s Home Town Heroes initiative will be supporting charities nationally, including the following key partners:

What donations will go towards

✔️ 100% of funds raised by the Petstock Foundation and animal lovers through Petstock stores nationwide in June will be donated to Home Town Heroes charity partners to enable them to create a better future for pets and people.

✔️ Grassroots fundraising programs like the Home Town Heroes initiative allow organisations more independence, creativity and the ability to effectively deliver greater services within the communities they represent.

How you can help:

  •  Throughout June, by rounding up purchases, or by buying a helping heart for $2, $4, or $6 at Petstock stores nationwide or by donating online.
  • In an effort to exceed The Home Town Heroes fundraising goal, donations made during the Power Weekend (June 10 & 11) will be tripled by the Petstock Foundation to bolster donations*.
  • Visit your local Petstock store to support your local community or visit for more information – every bit makes a difference!

* The Petstock Foundation will triple the first $25,000 AUD in donations made until the target of $75,000 is achieved.

[1] The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Not-for-Profit Governance & Performance Study 2022-23, view full report HERE

About Home Town Heroes

The Petstock Foundation’s Home Town Heroes initiative empowers grassroots charity partners to create a better future for people and pets.

The Petstock Foundation aims to strengthen the bond between people and pets, through fundraising, support and advocacy for partner organisations and their own on the ground work in local communities across Australia and New Zealand. Petstock stores across the country have the opportunity to work with their local charity group to help build strong and flexible partnerships as well as to raise funds through Petstock stores.

About the Petstock Foundation

The Petstock Foundation is a registered charity that exists to strengthen the rewarding bond between pets and people, empowering a better future for both. Since its inception in 2007, The Foundation has raised more than $10 million to date and has found homes for more than 20,000 rescue pets. Petstock Foundation is contributed to by the fundraising initiatives of all Petstock Group brands, donations by business partners and team members as they come together for the pets that inspire us. 100% of funds raised go towards the Foundation to support its charitable partners and projects with all operating costs covered by the business.

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th May 2023

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