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Healthy Active Pet launches new raw dog and cat food

Founder of The Healthy Mummy, Rhian Allen launches Healthy Active Pet - helping pet owners rethink pet nutrition

Rhian Allen, the founder of The Healthy Mummy has expanded her reach into the pet health and nutrition industry with the launch of Healthy Active Pet

The company aims to educate pet owners on re-thinking pet nutrition for their dogs and cats by offering appropriate meal plans, raw dog and cat food and recipes to ensure their pets live long and healthy lives.

Rhian Allen said: “I’m excited to be extending my passion for health, nutrition and exercise. My goal with Healthy Active Pet is to promote the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise for our furry companions and to offer healthy nutritious options to help pet owners support their pet’s overall health and wellbeing.”

Healthy Active Pet
has introduced a new line of air-dried and freeze-dried raw dog food that is 100% human-grade, nutrition-packed, high in protein and low in calories. 

The food is produced in Australia using only Australian ingredients and free from chicken, beef, additives and grain. Additionally Healthy Active Pet has developed a weight loss and nutrition program for cats and dogs aiding in weight management and maintenance.

According to Healthy Active Pet’s pet nutritionist Clare Kearney, commercial pet food such as kibble and tinned dog and cat products are heavily processed with low-quality ingredients that are unsuitable for pets’ digestive needs.

Clare said: “Pet food such as kibble and tinned food are difficult to digest, contribute to chronic inflammation and do not support pet’s wellbeing. 

With nearly 50% of dogs and 35% of cats overweight in Australia, I recommend feeding pets a fresh food diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates to deliver the best nutrition.”

“Meal prepping for pets is significantly quicker and more simpler than preparing meals for the family as the majority of the food is raw with only a few vegetables requiring cooking. I can meal prep a week’s worth of food for my two dogs in just 10 minutes.” Rhian added.

For a monthly subscription fee of $6.95, Healthy Active Pet offers customers access to Australia’s only recipe and weight loss and nutrition program for pets including full access to recipe books, shopping lists and a step-by-step cooking guide. 

Membership also offers discounts on all pet food orders and access to a Healthy Active Pet support group.

Healthy Active Pet is created by pet nutritionists for excellent nutrition and results.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $16.99 (Freeze Dried Raw Treats); from $89.00 (Complete Meal for Dogs - Turkey & Sardine).

You'll save 10% when you subscribe (you can modify or cancel any time).

For more information, visit the website

You can follow Healthy Active Pet on Facebook at and @healthyactivepet on Instagram  

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th May 2023

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