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Aussie vet launches pet telehealth service

Aussie Celebrity Vet launches new unlimited 24/7 pet telehealth subscription service that's cheaper than Netflix! 

In news intended to bring peace of mind to the nation’s estimated 28.7 million pets, one of Australia’s most familiar veterinarians has announced a 24/7 telehealth vet clinic that people can access as regularly as they like for less than a cost of a monthly Netflix subscription.

Dr Lisa Chimes - who has worked as an emergency and critical care vet for over 16 years and has starred in popular TV shows Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue - has launched the new membership program DOG+ in an effort to assist pet owners with an easy and affordable way of managing their pets’ health year-round.

“Our telehealth service allows you to consult with a vet from wherever you are. Our vets can triage your pet, give first aid advice and provide you with an action plan should the next steps be required.” Dr Lisa said. 
“Whenever you have a question, our vets can give you quick advice within minutes. We’re here to help.”
In an effort to reduce hesitancy among pet owners about when to seek expert advice, DOG+ subscription members will receive unlimited access to the service’s telehealth platform which is available via an online portal 24/7, 365 days a year

The platform is staffed round the clock by qualified, board-registered vets who can provide advice for dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, plus give general advice on exotic pets and wildlife.

“With this service, I really want to encourage pet owners not to be afraid to ask for help,” Dr Lisa said. “There’s no problem too big or small - nor is there an animal too big or small - that our incredible team of vets can’t provide advice on.”

Importantly, though, Dr Lisa says using the DOG+ telehealth service - which offers phone, text or video chat options - shouldn’t replace an animal’s regular physical visits to their vet and, in certain situations, taking them to an emergency veterinary hospital.

“Having a great relationship with your pet’s vet is just as vital as it is for us humans to have a great relationship with our GP,” she said. 

“However there may be times you just have a few questions about your pet, or might want some advice to ensure you’re doing the right thing. Sometimes it might not be possible for you to see your vet if it’s after hours or you are living remotely, we want to ensure that you get professional advice (not from Dr Google) on any concerns you have, whenever you need it.”

Dr Lisa says her team of DOG+ vets, who have worked in clinics around Australia for over 10 years, can provide owners with advice and first aid instructions within minutes via their preferred consultation method (phone, text or video chat). Depending on the circumstance, the DOG+ vet will also provide the owner with an action plan for next steps.

Common concerns Dr Lisa says can be discussed with a DOG+ telehealth vet include: increased or decreased eating/drinking, coughing, vomiting, ingestion of a potentially toxic substance, abnormal bowel movements, skin changes or wounds, ear/eye/nose abnormalities, teeth and mouth issues, weight changes and behavioural issues. Any question at all can be asked.

In the most serious circumstances - for example, an animal losing consciousness, suffering an extreme trauma, experiencing breathing difficulty, having ongoing seizures, severely bleeding, inability to walk properly, or being bitten by a snake or tick - Dr Lisa says owners should immediately contact their local vet or emergency hospital.

Initial feedback among the first pet owners to use the DOG+ telehealth service has been positive…

Lisa B:     My dog had a bee sting which quickly progressed to anaphylaxis. The vet spotted the signs early via video call and told me to visit the emergency hospital immediately where hey gave her life-saving treatment.

Nick D:     My dog’s nail was coming off, causing him pain and he was constantly licking it. We jumped on a video call at 11pm and the vet told us to cover the nail to prevent the licking and take him to the vet first thing in the morning. It was great to have the peace of mind to know that we did the right thing and took the appropriate steps.

Tory N:     I use this service for everything, whether it’s what to feed my dog or if I have any random questions. When you have two dogs and a bird, this really comes in handy. Best money ever spent!

In addition to unlimited, 24/7, year-round access to the telehealth vet service, DOG+ members receive free shipping on all orders of DOG products, a free gift with every purchase, a present on their pet’s birthday plus exclusive offers and early access to new products and promotions.

As a special limited-time-only offer to celebrate the launch of DOG+, membership is available for $120 per year.

“Let’s face it, pet care doesn’t take days off and our pets can get themselves into trouble at any hour of the day and night,” Dr Lisa said. “The great news is, as a pet owner you can now have a vet on speed dial whenever you need some professional advice or simply peace of mind.”

Pet owners can subscribe now at


Founded by leading vet Dr Lisa Chimes, DOG by Dr Lisa is an Australian product range that is natural and safe for dogs and the humans who love them while ensuring minimum harm to our planet. All products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, vegan and obviously not tested on animals. A percentage of the brands profits is whole-heartedly donated to the RSPCA.

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