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Animals Like Us dog food now in Woolworths stores across Australia

This ‘raw-some’ New Zealand dog food gets round of ‘a-paws’ from Aussie Dogs!

If your pooch loves you more when you feed them yummy food, then get ready for the love barometer to soar with the launch of Animals Like Us – a delicious new high-protein dog food available now in Woolworths stores across Australia.

Sustainably sourced and produced in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Animals Like Us has had tails wagging across the Land of the Long White Cloud and is set to do the same Down Under with Aussie dogs voting with their paws and their jaws for its mouth-watering, fresh taste.

“We believe Animals Like Us offers something new, a whole-prey blend of freeze-dried fish, meat and organs blended with our high-protein bites. The freeze-dry process retains all the tasty goodness whilst making it easy and safe for humans to handle. In a nutshell, it’s raw, chunky and a little bit smelly, which is just how dogs like it!” said Rob Achten, co-founder, Animals Like Us.

“My pooch Eddie, can’t get enough of Animals Like Us. He really loves the RawBlend33™ King Salmon and Ocean Fish

He has always been such a fussy eater but now he wolfs down every bite, his coat is glossy and he has so much energy – we’re both definitely hooked!” said Lani Banerjee, Cavoodle owner, Sydney.

Research shows that dogs self-select food and are drawn to ingredients with high concentrations of proteins and amino acids, which is why raw tastes so great to them. [1]

“Dogs love raw food and as omnivores, it is naturally what they eat in the wild. They need the essential ingredients contained in raw such as Vitamin A, Fatty acids and Amino acids for energy, health and strength,” said Emme Williams, animal health expert.
“Raw food is much easier to absorb than cooked, heated, or heavily processed food which means your dog retains more of the essential nutrients,” she added.
Animals Like Us is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which contains anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to help relieve pain in arthritic dogs and improve their weight-bearing ability, in additional to helping provide a healthy skin and coat. Studies have also found it beneficial for heart health.

Research shows that 41 per cent of Australian pets suffer from obesity and this can cause additional problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Oral health is also a major issue for dogs with periodontal disease being the principal cause of tooth loss. Much of this, experts say, can be prevented through nutrition.[6,7,8]

“Over half of Australian households (3.7 million) own a dog, which equates to an estimated 6.4 million dogs nationwide. [9,10]

When you think that, in addition to the cost of purchasing or adopting a dog, the average dog owner will spend $25,000 on upkeep over its lifespan [11], feeding your pet good quality food could save you in vet bills by preventing major disease occurring. You’re not only investing in your dog’s health, you’re investing in your relationship because as every owner knows, a dog is not just for life, it is for love,” said Emme Williams.

High in protein and low in carbs, Animals Like Us RawBlend33™, comes in a choice of three varieties, Grass-Fed Beef, King Salmon and Ocean Fish and Grass-Fed Lamb and Venison Tripe, each full of flavour, with no nasty additives and especially formulated for easy digestion. 

Each contains 33 per cent raw meat or fish and 67 per cent high-protein oven baked meat and vege bites, coated with probiotics to support digestive health. Serve dry or add water to suit your pet’s palate. 

Dog Treats

For training and treats, you can choose from two tasty varieties of nutritional real meat treats: Grass-Fed Beef and Grass-Fed Lamb

“We are very excited to be launching Animals Like Us in Australia. Now, for the first time, pet parents can purchase premium dog food and treats from the convenience of their local Woolies store, without the need to travel further afield to a pet specialty store. 

It saves on time and gives peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by your pet. After all, our pets are part of our family and deserve the same healthy food and lifestyle that we enjoy,” said Rob Achten.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $30.00 (1kg bag of RawBlend33™); $10.00 (40g bag of Treats).

Animals Like Us is available from selected Woolworths Stores nationally, or visit:

Follow @animalslikeus on Instagram or on Facebook: 


To celebrate the Australian launch, Animals Like Us is offering customers the chance to win $500 worth of dog food. All you need to do is share what your dog thinks of Animals Like Us RawBlend33™ and share your post on Instagram or Facebook for the chance to win.

About Animals Like Us

Animals Like Us is a New Zealand company founded by Jeremy Moon and Rob Achten, founder & former VP of icebreaker, an Internationally acclaimed clothing company that broke the synthetic mould of adventure gear by introducing merino wool as an alternative.

Both dog owners and nature lovers with a passion for sustainability, Animals Like Us was born from their vision to challenge the status quo and to offer pets a wholesome nutritional alternative food to that provided by the major pet food providers, mostly multi-national food companies with profit, not nutrition in mind. The solution was achieved by tapping into the benefits of freeze-drying technology to retain the wholesome goodness of raw food that is nutritious for dogs and safe for owners - a winning formula of science and nature.


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3 Hielm-Björkman, A. et al. An un-commissioned randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind study to test the effect of deep sea fish oil as a pain reliever for dogs suffering from canine OA. BMC Veterinary Research 8, 157, doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-157 (2012).
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MEDIA RELEASE, 28th April 2023

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