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12 Pet-friendly Indoor Plants for Australia

As the owner of Monrose Indoor PlantsAustralia’s only dog-friendly indoor plant boutique - Nikita Tso is forever hearing about pet parents trying to referee a game between two teams that just can't seem to get along: their pet and plants!

You want your indoor plant palace to thrive and your furry friend to be happy and healthy, but sometimes those two goals can collide in a spectacularly messy way.

One minute, you're admiring the lush greenery of your beloved begonia, and the next minute, you're frantically Googling whether it's poisonous to pets because your fur baby just took a chunk out of it. It's like a real-life game of "Is it Toxic or Not?", and the stakes couldn't be higher.

To help you avoid any potential pet plant poisonings, here are Nikita's top 12 pet-friendly houseplants that you can safely add to your home.

1. Stromanthe Tricolor

A stunning plant with leaves as white and variegated as a celebrity's Instagram feed. 

If you want to keep this beauty looking its best, make sure to give it plenty of bright light. But don't worry if you can't provide a spotlight - this plant is pretty chill and can tolerate lower light levels, although you might notice its leaves are less showy as a result.

Like most plants, the Stromanthe Tricolor likes a good drink, especially during the warmer months when it's more active. Give it a thorough watering once a week and it should be happy as Larry. 

And if you really want to spoil your leafy friend, treat it to a little We the Wild pet-friendly liquid fertilizer. With the right care, your Stromanthe Tricolor will be the envy of all your houseplants - and maybe even your dog's Instagram followers!

2. Calathea Makoyana

Ah, the Calathea Makoyana - the houseplant version of a spa day that even your furry friend can enjoy! 

This beauty can survive in low light, but if you want it to thrive and flourish, give it plenty of bright indirect light. And if you really want to spoil your Makoyana, make sure to keep the air around it nice and humid - this plant loves a good steamy sauna session.

But that's not all! The Calathea Makoyana is more than just a pretty face. This plant is also an air-purifying powerhouse, helping to eliminate harmful toxins from your home and allowing you and your pooch to breathe easy.

If you want your Calathea Makoyana to continue thriving and be the envy of all your houseplants, make sure to give it both a liquid and slow-release fertilizer. And don't forget to take a leaf out of its book and treat yourself and your furry friend to a spa day too!

3. Maranta Prayer Plant

The Maranta Prayer Plant - the perfect houseplant for those of us who are, shall we say, not the most green-thumbed. This low-maintenance beauty can handle low light conditions like a champ and is a breeze to propagate, so you can easily spread the plant love to all your dog mom friends.

But what really sets the Maranta Prayer Plant apart is its unique habit of turning its leaves up at night - hence the name "prayer plant." This little trickster may just have you wondering if it's been to church on the sly.

So, if you want to add a touch of serenity to your space, look no further than the Maranta Prayer Plant.

4. Orchids

If you like the finer things in life, look no further than orchids! 

These stunning plants come in many varieties with different colours, shapes, and sizes, just like our pups. And let's be real, nothing says "I'm a classy pet parent" like a beautiful orchid in your home.

When it comes to caring for your orchids, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, they need plenty of light - kind of like how our pups need plenty of sunshine and fresh air to stay healthy and happy. And they don't like to be over-watered.

Orchids are pretty low-maintenance, which means you'll have plenty of time to devote to your furry friend's favourite activities - like long walks, playing fetch, and belly rubs.

So, if you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the dog mum in your life (or if you're treating yourself, because let's be real, we all deserve it), consider adding an orchid to your home. 
All types of orchids are pet friendly, including Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, etc

5. Kentia Palm

A true-blue Aussie native 
- Howea Forsteriana is named after its origin - Lord Howe Island, Australia - that's just as laid back as you'd expect. 

This chilled-out plant can handle low light conditions, but if you want it to reach its full potential, give it plenty of bright indirect light. 

It may grow slowly, but over time, it can reach impressive heights - it's like having your very own palm tree in your home, minus the coconuts.

While the Kentia Palm may be low maintenance, it does have one request: don't let it dry out too often. Keep it watered regularly and you'll have a happy palm that's as content as a dog that’s allowed on the couch.

6. Carnivorous Plants

Buckle up and get ready to enter the wild world of carnivorous plants! These fascinating floras, including sarracenia, nepenthes, sundews, and Venus fly traps, are the ultimate green machines - they actually eat insects and other creepy crawlies for breakfast.

If you want to bring these unique and intriguing plants into your home, they have a few requests. First and foremost, they need plenty of bright light, and love the morning sun. 

And while they can thrive outdoors in a protected, sheltered environment or greenhouse, they're often found sitting in peat moss substrates - these plants are used to boggy soils in their natural habitats.

When it comes to watering, carnivorous plants are like divas - they LOVE water, but they shouldn't be left to sit in a large puddle of it.
Keep their soil consistently wet and never let them dry out and you'll have some happy campers chomping away on any pesky bugs that dare to enter your home.

7. Rhipsalis 

Also known as the Mistletoe Cactus, this little guy is an epiphyte, meaning it grows on other plants without harming them.

Talk about being a friendly neighbour and not only to your dog! It's native to Central and Southern America, so it's pretty well-travelled for a plant.

It's a low-maintenance plant
 and can tolerate drying out for a little while and preferring bright light, but is low light tolerant, so it's perfect for those of us who are a bit lazy.

8. Ferns

Ah, ferns - the unsung heroes of the plant world! 

These green beauties come in heaps of varieties, but our personal favourites are the maidenhair, macho Boston fern, and blue star fern. Don't they sound fancy? It's like they belong in a royal garden or something.

Keep their soil moist, give them a little liquid fertiliser, make sure they have plenty of air flow, and give them lots of bright indirect light or morning sun.

9. African violets

African violets are incredibly popular and for good reason. 

They are compact and low growing, making them perfect for smaller spaces. They also can flower several times a year, which is like having a little burst of sunshine in your home. And let's not forget about their stunning leaf forms and flower colours.

Just like how your dog loves to bask in the sunshine on a cool morning, African violets do too! They also thrive in bright, warm, and humid conditions, so make sure to keep them in a well-lit and humid area. 
And remember, it's important to keep water from touching their leaves.

10. Peperomia

A charming and compact houseplant that's perfect for small spaces or as part of a larger display. 

The Peperomia's leaves come in a range of striking colours and patterns, making it a favourite among plant enthusiasts. This easy-going plant can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions, but it prefers bright, indirect light for optimal growth.

When it comes to watering, the Pepperomia doesn't like to be overwatered. It's important to let the soil dry out slightly between waterings to avoid root rot. During the growing season, it's recommended to water your Pepperomia once a week, and less frequently in the winter months.

With a little love and attention, your Peperomia will thrive and become the envy of all your houseplant-loving friends - and maybe even your furry friend's social media followers!

11. Bromeliad

Ah, the Bromeliad. It's like the Beyonce of the plant world, with its striking looks and fierce attitude. This baby doesn't need anyone's validation - it knows it's a showstopper just like your dog!

But here's the kicker: unlike Queen Bey, the Bromeliad doesn't need a team of stylists and personal assistants to look stunning. Nope, it just sits there, chilling in its pot, radiating beauty like it's no big deal.

And don't even get me started on their unique leaves. They're like a work of art, with intricate patterns and colours that would make Picasso jealous. If you're ever feeling uninspired, just gaze upon a Bromeliad's leaves and let your mind be blown.

Now, when it comes to watering, the Bromeliad is a bit of a diva
. They like to keep their soil moist but not soggy. They also like a chunky potting medium, which provides it with great drainage for the root system. It doesn't want to be drenched like a contestant on a reality TV show - oh no, it wants a gentle misting or a light watering, thank you very much. And if you dare to overwater it, it'll give you some serious attitude.

12. Hoya

Hoya plants have leaves that are so gorgeous, they could make even the dullest room look like a tropical paradise. 

And don't even get me started on their flowers. They're simply stunning and some even smell like chocolate!

Yes, you read that right! Imagine having a plant that not only looks beautiful, but also smells like dessert. It's like having your dog and you owning a mini-Willy Wonka factory minus the toxicity from regular chocolate.

When it comes to watering, they're a little sensitive, so make sure to wait until their leaves start to pucker before giving them a good soak. Hoya plants are pretty low maintenance, so you don't have to be a green-thumbed genius to keep them alive. 

Just give them some half-strength fertiliser during their growing period, they'll be good to go!

Please remember that just like some people are allergic to nuts or garlic, your pet may react to certain plants different to others. 

It's always safest to prevent your pet from eating large quantities of any plant - excess consumption of harmless plants can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. 

Please consult your vet immediately if you have any concerns.

About Nikita Tso

Nikita is a highly experienced Indoor Plant Specialist with a passion for creating a safe and healthy environment for both pets and plants. Nikita has become an expert in the field of dog friendly indoor plants, owning Monrose Indoor Plants, the first indoor plant boutique in Melbourne.

Nikita's love for pets, especially dogs, inspired her to start her own pet-friendly indoor plant boutique. While working at a past job, she noticed customers were unaware of the potential danger posed by common houseplants to their pets. This motivated her to further her studies and provide pet parents with expert advice on pet-friendly plants.

Nikita is also a proud pet owner herself, with a 6-year-old English Staffy named Chai and a 15-year-old Poodle X named Chombi. She understands the importance of having a pet-friendly home and believes that indoor plants can help create a peaceful and healthy environment for both pets and their owners.

For more information, head to the website

You can follow Monrose Indoor Plants on Facebook or @monrose.indoor.plants on Instagram.

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