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Sniffspace calling for hosts of dog-friendly Play Spaces

Sniffspace: an online business opportunity for our dog loving community

Calling all dog lovers! There’s a new and exciting addition to Australia’s dog loving community. Introducing SniffSpace – an online directory of safe, dog-friendly play spaces available to rent by the hour around Australia.

Our precious pooches come in many shapes, sizes and personalities and not all are suited to hectic public play spaces. 

That’s where Sniffspace can help, providing a directory of safe play spaces where dog owners can connect with hosts in their area, to find a play space that works for them and their dogs.

Easy to use with an intuitive online system, dog hosts can earn extra income whilst contributing to their beloved dog community by aiding the mental health and wellbeing of others’ pets. 

Free to list, hosts are able to control availability of their space in line with their busy schedules, whilst supplementing their income and making any spare space work for them. In an Australian first, Sniffspace also provides hosts with $20 million dollars’ worth of public liability insurance, free of charge, ensuring hosts are professionally covered and worry-free.

Created by digital disrupter and dog lover Tracey Horey in 2021, Sniffspace utilises easy to use technology and innovation to provide a solution to the dog loving community, bringing hosts and dog owners together in a safe and friendly environment.

“I have always loved dogs and after owning many, I realised that dogs have their own unique personalities and not all are suited to hectic, public environments. 
The idea for SniffSpace was born from my own sensitive dog Rafferty’s need for a safe and healthy environment to run. 

Using my knowledge of technology and innovation to bring together dog lovers and owners has been satisfying and we continue to grow, providing a great service to the dog loving community,” Tracey said.

Photo: Kepala Canine Lagoon Pool, Diggers Rest (VIC) 

Why become a host?

Because it’s accessible, flexible, and easy to earn some side hustle income whilst sharing space with those who need it. Just ask host Jenny from Paws Day Out in Agnes Bank, New South Wales. 

“As a long-term dog lover with loads of space, I’m delighted to be able to share my property with dog owners who need a safe and friendly environment for their anxious and shy dogs. I’m providing a service to the community whilst using the extra income to reinvest in my property. The back end is easy to use and it’s a win-win all round,” Jenny said.

Leading Australian dog trainer and pet behaviour specialist Lara Shannon says that private play spaces are particularly important for pets with anxiety and behavioural issues.

Sniffspace’s private play spaces allow for a safe environment for pet owners to bond with, train and exercise their dog, without the trigger situations that come with public dog parks.” says Lara.

“Whether you have a rescue dog with a tough history, a dog that suffers from anxiety, or has experienced a lack of socialisation, Sniffspace is the perfect solution for you to help you regain confidence and enjoy quality time with your pet.”

Sniffspace is averaging 350 bookings a month via the online system with over 3,500 dog owners waiting for space in their area so the need for additional hosts is great. The only business of its kind in Australia, some hosts are earning between $1,500 - $2,000 extra income per month, making Sniffspace a compelling and accessible business opportunity.

To learn more about becoming a host, head to to enquire, with a comprehensive overview and a range of frequently asked questions online. 

Visit for more information.

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