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Sniffspace offers safe spaces for off-leash dog fun

Sniffspace, the answer to our dogs' mental health issues (and a nice little earner for Australian home owners!)

With over 4.8 million dogs in Australia and an estimated 40% of them presenting with some kind of fear, phobia or anxiety, safe spaces where dogs can train, sniff and have fun off-leash with their owners are few and far between.

Sniffspace is about to change all that. 

Launching early 2021, Sniffspace is set to become Australia’s only online directory of privately owned, safe and secure off-leash spaces for dogs around the country.

Sniffspace is the brainchild of co-founder Tracey Horey, dog-obsessed Aussie and puppy-parent to anxious dog Rafferty.

For years Tracey struggled with the lack of options for her and Raff to play safely without the unwelcome interactions of other dogs (or humans) at the local dog park. Add to that, the urban sprawl and housing blocks becoming smaller and smaller, she realised that if she was experiencing this kind of struggle, there must be thousands of other dog lovers around the country that felt the same way.

Armed with her idea, her passion and her Project Manager Rafferty (Kelpie cross), she sold her vision to her business partner and the idea of Sniffspace began to take shape. 

The fact that the first Facebook video outlining the idea reached over 75,000 people in the first 10 days, is a fair indication that she was onto something! 

Sniffspace is an online platform where homeowners around the country can list their backyards as a secure space for dog owners and their fur-babies to book for an hour, giving them the opportunity of a private ‘sniffari’ whilst earning a passive income for the homeowner.

For homeowners, it’s as simple as registering their space, setting up their calendar and sitting back to watch the bookings come in. 

For guests, the process is just as simple; building their (and their dogs) profile and searching for spaces they’d like to book.

To learn more about Sniffspace, please visit 

You can follow Sniffspace on Facebook at and on Instagram at

MEDIA RELEASE, 14th December 2020

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