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Have a Pet-Friendly Australia Day 2023!

How will you be celebrating this Australia Day 2023 with your dogs? 

Decking your house in green and gold, flying our national flag, throwing a barbie for family and friends, relaxing at the beach or the local park, attending local events with fellow Australians? No doubt you have your own traditions!

Our dogs are an integral part of the family and included in all our celebrations. Whether you're home or still enjoying your holidays, we hope these tips and product suggestions will help you plan your Australia Day 2023 festivities!

#1. Pawfect Pals - Australian Beauties

A cute and colourful celebration of our native flora and fauna, Pawfect Pals Australian Beauties' soft neutral tones will complement any dog’s fur colour, and make them sure to stand out!

The featured Bundle contains:

✔️ Reversible harness
✔️ Vegan-leather dog collar
✔️ Vegan-leather dog lead or soft lead (pictured)
✔️ Cooling bandana
✔️ Sailor bow tie
✔️ Hair ribbon for you!

All the items in this bundle can also be purchased separately.

Save 20% off popular designs featuring our Australian furry friends until January 26!

RRP: from $11.20 - $101.60 (Bundle) at

#2. StumpyCollective - Eucalyptus Dog Bandana

Dress your pup to impress in this gorgeous Australian designed and made Eucalyptus Dog Bandana.

These dog bandanas from Brisbane-based StumpyCollective are made to slip over your dog's collar.

This classy design comes in 6 sizes from Extra Small to XXL to suit all dog sizes from puppies and miniature breeds all the way to your giant fluffies!

RRP: $12.00 - $20.00 (incl. free shipping) from StumpyCollective Etsy's store.

#3. AniPal – Australiana Collection

Your dog will look right on trend this Australia Day whilst supporting our local environment, wearing
AniPal's Australiana Collection.

Created by local Vet Steph Stubbe, this collection of unique Australiana-themed dog collars and leads is made from recycled plastic bottles, finished with brass hardware. Collars come in 3 sizes whilst leashes are 130cm in length.

Choose from 
Billie the BilbyKylo the KoalaPiper the Platypus or Clancy the Black Cockatoo. 

RRP: $35.95-$45.95 from

#4. Urban Tails Pet Boutique - Australia Day Collection

Urban Tails Pet Boutique has released a limited edition Australia Day Collection featuring gorgeous Bow Ties and Sailor Bows! 

These bows are designed and printed in house so you won’t find them anywhere else. 

The Australia Day Sailor Bow has two velcro strips for attaching it to a collar so it will never droop! 

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

RRP: $17.99 - $21.99 from

#5. Wiggle Wagz n Kaz - Straya Muscle Shirt     

Straya Muscle Shirt is a quintessentially Australian T-shirt for fair dinkum doggos, handmade by Wiggle Wagz n Kaz.

If you're proud to be living in our sunburnt country, now your furbaby can celebrate too! 

It comes in ten sizes; for the best fit, simply ensure you measure your dog’s neck, chest and back length carefully before ordering. 

There's also a Straya Day Bandana and a Straya Day Bow Tie.

RRP: from $23.95 at 

Vegemite sandwiches, juicy snags, lamingtons and pavlovas may be your foods of choice on Australia Day but none of those hooman versions should ever pass your dogs' lips! 
The salt and sugar content in these foods will not sit well in their stomachs. Worse, acute pancreatitis can occur after a dog eats a fatty food such as barbeque beef, pork, leftover fatty offcuts or cheese. Some human foods like onions and chocolate can be deadly

So why not order some Aussie specialties created for your dogs instead?

#6. Pooch Treats - Aussie Bakery Favourites

Get your thongs on and get down to the dog beach this Australia Day with Pooch Treats' Aussie Bakery favourites. Your dinky dine doggo will love their delicious Meat Pies, Fairy Bread, Eclairs, Custard Tarts and Sausage Rolls and cap off their feast with some delicious Lamingtons! Melbourne-based Pooch Treats range of dog treats are handcrafted right here in Australia by a team of pastry chefs. 

Available from participating Habitat stores or at Pooch Treats HQ (next to Glenroy Bakery).

RRP: $20.00 (5 treats Multi-Pack) at Habitat Pet Supplies.

#7. All Barks – Aussie Nibbles 

Made from 100% Australian ingredients and responsibly sourced, All Barks dog treats give your dogs a real taste of Australia!

Aussie Nibbles is a natural blend of lean protein using Australian wild Kangaroo (80%) & Venison (15%) plus natural herbs and amino acids. 
Each little nibble is bite sized, making them suitable for all life stages and they're perfect for training or as treats. 

The 5-pack bundle features the entire Taste of Australia range: Outback Snacks, Booster BitesAussie NibblesBush Burgers and Bush Sticks.

RRP: $11.99 (Aussie Nibbles); $55.00 (5-pack bundle includes free shipping) at 

#8. Bones & Whiskers – Doggy Grazing Boxes 

Are you planning to host a party with multiple doggy guests? 

Then the Bones & Whiskers Doggy Grazing Box handcrafted in Melbourne and filled to the brim with pawlicious gourmet dog treats and dehydrated snacks will have something to please everyone! 

Also available for One, they all come presented in a gift box with ribbon.
RRP: $39.99 (for One) - $69.99 (Ultimate Doggy Grazing Box) at

#9. Kobe's Kitchen - Kobeer Dog Beer

If the weather calls for cracking open a cold one, don't forget to stock up on some Kobeer, a special dog beer, 
brewed in Sydney's Blue Mountains!

Described by Chef and Sommelier @kobethepyr as "a refreshing pale ale for the canine drinker, Kobeer balances the savoury aroma of chicken pierced with ginger undertones and the tropical sweetness of coconut with a tease of honey." 
It’s a sophisticated dog beer, designed for the discerning dog and it has Porthos' lick of approval!

Kobeer comes in your choice of 150-ml single-serve pouches or 250-ml resealable packs.

RRP: $5.50-$7.50 at

#10. Huds & Toke – Aussie Dog Mixed Cookies

Your dogs can finish off their Australia Day BBQ right with a mixed box of the popular Aussie Dog Cookies made by Huds & Toke.

These colourful dog treats are low in fat, have no added sugar and are guaranteed to have a no melt frosting.
These are also 100% Aussie made!

RRP: $8.10

It will be a busy day just about anywhere so there are a few precautions to take:

✔️ Make sure you take enough poo bags for the whole day. Not only is it horrible for other people and gives all of us dog owners a bad reputation, but leaving behind piles on the beach can get you an on-the-spot fine!

✔️ You may dutifully slip, slop, slap, seek and slide but what about our dogs? If you don’t supply them with fresh water, some dogs will try and drink from stagnant puddles or the ocean, which is very unhealthy for them! 

#11. Gummi Pets – Dog Accessories & Dog Toys

Gummi Pets vibrantly coloured, high-quality products are cleverly designed to help your dog do what it does best – eat, exercise and play

Made from high-quality BPA-free melamine, Gummi Pets’ feeding bowls will add a splash of bold colour to your home. Each features a cheeky sentiment that reflects the playful personality of dogs.

All dog toys (Tennis Balls, Tennis Bones & Frisbees) come in an array of bright colours including Green & Gold so they're super easy to find!

RRP: from $14.95 (bowls); $7.95-$14.95 (toys) at

#12. PetSafe - Chilly Penguin Freezer Toy

PetSafe's Chilly Penguin Freezer Toy is a treat holding toy with a bowl-shaped cavity for ice and treats. 

Multiple penguins can be stacked on top of one another in the freezer for easy storage before playtime. This toy will extend playtime and act as a fun treat for your dog!

The rounded base lets the toy wobble as your dog plays and licks the ice or treat. 

Available in Small or Medium/Large. 

RRP: $12.99-$18.99 from

#13. Doggy Eco - Eco Ball

Planning to celebrate at the beach or with a picnic at your local park?

The Doggy Eco Eco Ball has been designed to change the way we think about play. Made from 100% hand compounded New Zealand sheep wool, the Eco Ball is 100% biodegradable, non toxic and gentle on teeth. 

Due to its unique compounded composition, the Eco Ball - under supervised play - will outlast any tennis ball allowing your dog to deep chew without damaging the ball or their teeth, offering your dog a unique experience while playing fetch. 

Suitable for all dog sizes, they also float on the water! 

RRP: from $14.00 (also available as a 3-pack) at

#14. Petspiration Foundation - Plush Toy Koala 

Your pet will love playing with this cuddly Koala from the Petspiration Foundation’s range of native animal plush toys.

100% of the profits from the range will go toward their charity partners - supporting Australian animals and families in need. 

Suitable for both dogs and cats, the Australian Native Koala Plush Toy is made from a soft material with squeaker and filled with recycled bottles.

RRP: $14.99 from Petspiration Foundation

Fireworks Safety Tips

On Australia Day there will be plenty of fireworks (legal and illegal) which 
are stressful and frightening events for those pets suffering from noise phobia.

✔️ Try and take your dog for some vigorous exercise earlier in the day! Go for a long walk or a game of fetch or chase at your local off leash park. After a good romp in the park, they are more likely to react calmly during the fireworks...

✔️ Keep your dogs safe indoors with access to fresh water and leave the radio or TV on to block out all the loud noises.

✔️ Ensure your pets are microchipped and whether at home or out and about, that they're wearing a current Pet ID Tag with their name and your details, in case they run away in fright.

#15. Red Dingo - Australian Flag Pet ID Tag

Get into the Aussie spirit with this Red Dingo's Australian Flag Pet ID tag.

Red Dingo Pet Tags are the highest quality tags available on the market. Constructed of solid stainless steel, with a durable enamel design, these tags will never rust or corrode.

All Red Dingo tags are supplied with a strong, rustproof stainless steel Split Ring for attaching to your pet's collar and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

RRP: from $19.95 at 

From our pack to yours, we wish you all a safe, happy Australia Day 2023!


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