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Furlore Calming Dog Bed - Review

If your dog is an over-excitable type like our Malinois Aramis or an anxious type like her brother Porthos, there are many products on the market promising to relieve your pet’s anxiety even though there’s sometimes little research to back up those claims.

From calming dog treats and supplements, plug-in diffusers and calming collars to calming pet beds, it’s very hard to know what will actually work for your own pet.

Over the years we found that providing our dogs with their own individual napping zones in our office space and using a baby gate preventing them from rushing to the front door has helped a lot in calming them throughout the day and made life more enjoyable for all!

Having retired an old dog bed late last year, the timing was perfect for us to put the Furlore Calming Bed to the test, which was delivered to us in time for Christmas.

A little bit about Furlore

Sydney-based Furlore was founded in 2021 by Andjas Setiawan. Having grown up with many dogs over the years - some really suffering from anxiety - he set out to do something about it. 
"The company's mission is to eliminate pet anxiety, one paw at a time!"
The company name Furlore was inspired by ‘fur’ (as so many of us now refer to our pets as fur babies) and ‘lore’ meaning culture or tradition. 

The founders hope that their products will be loved and remembered by all fur babies and their ‘pawrents’ just as we remember stories handed down from generation to generation.

All Furlore products are engineered to release tension in pets, using a combination of soft downy materials which allow your pet to fully sink in for an immersive experience! 

The Furlore Calming Bed comes in 8 colours that will suit any home home d├ęcor including Light Grey (our pick), Ombre Grey, Dark Grey, Soft Pink, Apricot, Light Coffee & Gold.

Our experience with the Furlore Calming Bed

Our dogs have always been allowed on beds and couches so they will always favour snuggling up next to us, no matter how comfortable the alternatives offered!

However, with noisy visitors around during the holidays we found that Aramis started using her Furlore Calming Bed more and more willingly, as it provided a safe space for her to snooze whilst we watched TV or people moved about the place.  

The most important consideration is selecting the style and dimensions that best suit your dog’s size and sleeping habits.

Aramis will occasionally curl up but mostly she sleeps fully stretched out so we opted for the largest XL size (Outer 120cm x Base 85cm), which is perfect for your larger dog breeds. 

The raised rim design all round is the winning feature: Aramis loves burying her head in or hanging her head over the side. 

It does not take long before we can hear her snore her head off despite surrounding noises which is no small feat. Once she’s on her bed, she knows she won't be disturbed!

The images on the website make all the beds look like doughnuts but it's probably less so on the larger sizes.

Despite our initial scepticism towards calming pet beds, it really seems that Aramis feels more secure in her fluffy raised bed leading to better quality napping and she is a lot more relaxed!

Another bit tick from us is that the Furlore Calming Dog Bed is very light so it's easy to pick up or fold so you can take with you in the car when you're heading out on holidays or even camping.

Our dogs love routine and consistency and yours will appreciate having their favourite bed in any new surroundings. 

Porthos at first seemed to only want to practice his bulldozing skills on the Furlore Calming Dog Bed but since we relocated it in the home office at the the start of this year, he has definitely changed his mind and will now use it for extended napping sessions! 

A great feature is the fact that the whole cover is removable and machine washable - using a gentle wash mode and allowing it to line dry - so this makes for better hygiene and easy maintenance long-term.

A word of caution

Please note that if your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety and starts displaying destructive behaviours like chewing, howling when left alone, inappropriate toileting etc - he / she must be seen as soon as possible by a veterinary behaviourist, the only person qualified to prescribe medication if necessary. There’s no quick fix for this…

Price & Where to Buy:

Price: $79.95 - $ 169.95 (Calming Dog Bed), on sale now at

The company also offers a range of Calming Mats and Calming Blankets.

You can follow Furlore on Facebook @furloreofficial and Instagram @furloreofficial

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