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Mayver's releases Rover's Reward Peanut Butter

Peanuts for pooches: Mayver's launch Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter for our furry best friends

Family-owned and Australian made brand Mayverʼs has launched Roverʼs Reward dog peanut butter, answering the call from fans to create a range of peanut butter-inspired treats that are specially made for our furry friends.

Sure to keep excited tails wagging for days, Roverʼs Rewards Peanut Butter is the first product from the new range and is also the first dog-only peanut butter to be released in Woolworths stores, nationwide.

While peanut butter might be a dogʼs best friend, many human-grade peanut butters contain Xylitol, an ingredient that is highly toxic to dogs. While the ingredient is safe for human consumption, dogs absorb Xylitol at a much faster rate. This can lead to an increase of insulin and a dramatic drop in blood sugar level, which can be fatal in some cases [1].  

In addition to being completely free from Xylitol, Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter is also free from added oils, sugars or chemicals of any kind - resulting in a nutritious choice for our beloved family pets that is 100% natural.

Made using Mayverʼs 100% natural Peanut Butter as its base with added collagen peptides and turmeric, Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter offers protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and heart-healthy fats, to provide a nothing but goodness treat for our pets.

Owner and father of four, Paul Raff, says that they knew there are so many Mayverʼs pups out there who are big fans of Mayverʼs Peanut Butter, which is why the company launched Roverʼs Reward.

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“At Mayverʼs we know that every pooch deserves their own jar of peanut butter goodness and now with Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter you can be rest assured knowing that little Luna, Max or Bella wonʼt compromise your own supply when those PB cravings hit,” Paul explains.

“The result is an incredibly delicious dog-safe peanut butter, made using Mayverʼs 100% natural peanut butter and has added Collagen peptides and Turmeric for an extra boost of goodness.”

For puppies or pooches who require a little extra training, Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter is an excellent tool to train your pets, and can be used as a positive reinforcer for good behaviour. With its flavoursome taste and sticky texture, itʼs sure to keep your pet interested in learning how to sit, roll over or fetch!

Not only great for training, pet owners with dogs that struggle with swallowing medicines can hide poor tasting tablets or liquids in a spoonful of Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter. Helping to keep pets stay up to with prescribed treatment or care, without any of the fuss.

In addition to helping the medicine go down or being an excellent tool to help with training, Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter can also be used when you need to leave your pooch at home by themselves. Placed inside of enrichment toys such as a Kong or a lick mat, this spread makes the perfect extended reward for pets.

For those who love to spoil their pets with homemade treats, Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter can be used within dog-safe treat recipes. However, just like any dog treat, be mindful not to exceed the daily recommended serving, which for Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter is 10g.

Whether your four-legged friend needs some extra encouragement to take their medicine, or they simply deserve a tasty treat for good behaviour, you can be rest assured knowing Roverʼs Reward Peanut Butter is the spread for the job.

To make your poochʼs day, head to the pet treats aisle across Woolworths stores, available nationally. And for more information head to the Roverʼs Reward website.

About Mayverʼs

Mayverʼs is a family owned and Australian made natural spread company. All Mayverʼs natural spreads and bars are vegan and contain absolutely no added oil, sugar, gluten (spreads only), dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats and are nothing but goodness for your family.

Mayverʼs Peanut Butter and Nut Spreads are available at Woolworths, Coles and independent retailers Australia-wide and Mayverʼs Wholefood Bars are available at Woolworths, Australia-wide. For more information or recipe inspiration visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th December 2022

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