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Paws-Off launches Dog Treats with Upcycled Food

Paws-Off  has launched a range of healthy and sustainable dog treats in recyclable pouches.

Just launched online, Paws-Off is promoted as a truly sustainable brand, challenging the pet food industry when it comes to reducing food waste.

“Each year we waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food across our supply and consumption chain, this equals about 312 kg per person. 

Food waste accounts for approximately 3% of Australia’s annual greenhouse emissions”, says Paws-Off founder and owner Ellen Vegter.

“The good news is that we can all be part of the solution, by making simple changes at home, at work and what type of products we buy for ourselves and our pets, so we can all reduce food waste. 

Upcycled food prevents food waste by creating new, high-quality products from food that is surplus or seems to be imperfect, ending up in landfill”.

Paws-Off identified a gap in the Australian pet food market where established brands have not been able to find solutions to offer shoppers a real sustainable alternative.

“Our treats are not only healthy for our planet, of course they are healthy for your dogs”, Ellen Vegter continues. 

Made from human-grade ingredients and with up to 30% upcycled sweet potatoes, our reward treats are safe, healthy and delicious”.

“We’ve been working on the product development and supply chain for 12 months to make sure we really got a high-quality product, made with rescued sweet potatoes from Australian soil”.

“We expect retailers and pet stores to welcome our planet-friendly alternative for their shoppers. 

We’ve created 3 flavours: Beef, Peanut Butter, and Banana. We’ll be introducing more flavours and formats in the next 6 to 12 months”.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $19.99 (250g) or $49.99 (3-Pack Deal 750g).

Trade and wholesale enquiries are also welcome.

You can find Paws-Off on Facebook at and @pawsoffaustralia on Instagram.

MEDIA RELEASE, November 2022


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