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The Paws Room crates bring lasting harmony to home and hound

Anxiety in pets has increased since the pandemic and dog trainers are advocating crates as a comforting and safe space for training puppies into adulthood so they can develop a lasting ability (and associated place) to self-soothe.

But not everyone feels comfortable putting their furry friend in a cage, nor wants to have an ugly wire container in their living space. Introducing The Paws Room!

Influenced by a dog trainer who advocates crate training for calmer, happier dogs and collaborating with local industrial designers, The Paws Room founder Eliza Kennedy is helping Aussie dogs to feel happy and safe at home in style. The Paws Room pet furniture collection is beautifully crafted, locally manufactured and eco- friendly designed to be loved equally by dogs and their owners alike.
“I wanted a crate that looked like it belonged in my living room and could be equally used as a table or bench,” said Eliza.
 “The goal was an easily assembled, durable crate solution that could help with calming a puppy, as well as provide a lasting sanctuary for them into maturity. For me, it’s about the value of investing in our dogs’ happiness.”

With social responsibility also key to the business, The Paws Room has partnered with national charity Happy Paws Happy Hearts, which rehabilitates animals and people through programs in animal shelters and wildlife sanctuaries nationwide. The Paws Room donates a percentage of profits and pet furniture to support HPHH programs and help educate pet owners about crate training.

Benefits of crate training, when done properly

A dog trainer with Happy Paws Happy Hearts, Justin Palazzo-Orr has been an advocate of crates for the past 14 years of working with dogs.

“There are many benefits to crate training a dog, may it be a puppy or recently adopted dog. It helps them establish a safe space they can go to, somewhere familiar or to get away from other people or animals while they are still getting used to them,” he explained.

“Crates are also beneficial when travelling with dogs. Just like people travel with a caravan to take a piece of home with them, a crate can be a little piece of your dog’s home when they travel. Be it pet-friendly camping, accommodation or visiting family for the holidays.”

But some people are unsure about using crates because of the stigma attached to ‘sticking your dog in a cage’, he said.

“Also, I’ve seen some horrible footage online of people using crates in very inappropriate ways. Like with anything, it’s important to know how to use crates in a way that is safe and that the dog loves. Each dog is an individual and the key is to make the crate the best place in the world for them,” he said.

Justin advised starting training with a sturdy crate that is big enough for your dog to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around in as well as a bit of space on either side of them.

“We use Paws Room crates in our facilities because they are functional, really sturdy, have great ventilation, are very easy to clean and maintain, and unlike most crates, they look the part!” he said.

Watch a step-by-step video on training your dog to use a crate:

Happy Paws Happy Hearts dog trainer Justin Palazzo-Orr and Brooklyn

Who’s Teddy, Coco and Jack?

With a focus on local design and production, sustainable materials, and a minimalist aesthetic, Eliza partnered with industrial designers Charles Wentworth and Carl Behrendorff.

The Paws Room - Jack
(Photography Julia Galleway)
Together they created
Teddy, the stand- alone crate, Coco the couch companion and Jack, the cladding solution for those wishing to transform an existing crate into a stylish and multi-purpose piece, available in a variety of sizes.

“We are lucky enough to live in an Arcke-designed house and love the architect’s signature use of birch plywood. It seemed the perfect material to blend a stylish home for our dogs with our home. We use a premium birch plywood with a clear laminate for easy cleaning,” said Eliza.

Having experienced the frustration of dog-chewed timber furniture in the past, Eliza worked with the designers to protect Teddy’s plywood fins and intended visibility with the use of perspex sliders and lockable doors. A new design is also coming that incorporates powder-coated metal rods with the birch plywood top.

“We believe that dog and human decor can be seamlessly integrated, and The Paws Room’s furniture aspires to enhance feelings of connection and create a sense of belonging for all the family,” she said.

Take a closer look at The Paws Room showroom in Brisbane or at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show on October 14 – 16

About The Paws Room

The Paws Room is an Australian owned company with the love of dogs at the heart of everything we do. Our designer pet furniture and curated collection of accessories aim to provide harmony between your hound and home. Made from premium birch plywood, we create sustainable furniture that connect your sense of style with your dog's sense of security. To discover more, visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 10th October 2022

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