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Politicians stand up for Greyhounds on Dogs in Politics Day

Politicians and their dogs stand up for Greyhounds on Dogs In Politics Day

Australian politicians – and their canine friends – have come out against Greyhound racing to mark Dogs in Politics Day, this Friday 23rd September 2022.

Ranging from federal senators to local councillors, the politicians unanimously asked for a ban on dog racing and for governments to stop funding the greyhound racing industry.

Rescued Greyhounds feature prominently in the video statements collated by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds.

Kylie Field, director, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds said: “Many politicians who support greyhound racing will promote images of themselves and their dogs on Dogs in Politics Day. With three Greyhounds dying on tracks every week, that hypocrisy hurts. We applaud those politicians who stood up for Greyhounds on Dogs in Politics Day 2022.”
“The growing community outrage against dog racing is reflected in the number of politicians showing their love for Greyhounds.”
You can watch the full Dogs in Politics Day video here:

Tammy Franks – MLC, SA Greens with Dalmatian Grace: “We keep having an industry that benefits from dogs being used for gambling, where dogs are seen as wastage, where dogs are bred for the profit that they can make, not the love that they can give. Show a bit of love to the greyhounds – more politicians should.”

Kristie Johnson – MLA, Independent (Tasmania) with Toby the Cavoodle and Freddie the Greyhound: “Freddie has been rescued from the cruel greyhound racing industry… Join me in calling for an end to greyhound racing now.”

Emma Hurst – MLC, NSW Animal Justice Party with Greyhound Lola: “This Dogs in Politics Day, let’s remember the most abused breed of them all – Greyhounds.”

Kate Kelly – Independent Candidate for Hobart City Council with greyhound Bootsy: “We don’t want bloodsport in this state. We’re better than that.”

Tim Read – Member for Brunswick, VIC Greens, with Greyhound Ally (lead photo): “No dog deserves to die for gambling profits. My Greens colleagues and I will keep up the fight to ban greyhound racing in Victoria.”

Amy McMahon – Member for South Brisbane, QLD Greens, with Greyhound Buddy: “The Queensland Government is giving $40million to the greyhound racing industry to build a new track at Ipswich – in the middle of a housing crisis, and a health care crisis... it’s time for the Queensland Government to stop subsidising this cruel and outdated industry, and to start putting the welfare of dogs and everyday Queenslanders first.”

Andrew Wilkie - Independent Member for Clark, Tasmania, with Rocket: “We both agree that the taxpayer funded greyhound racing industry needs to end. It’s cruel, unnecessary and opposed by so many in the community.”

Other politicians included:

Meg Webb – MLC, Independent member for Nelson, Tasmania, with Greyhound Zari.

Paul Gibson – mayoral candidate, Huon Valley Council, with Ziggy.

Clare Glade-Wright - Kingborough Councillor/Deputy Mayoral Candidate, Tasmania, with Greyhounds Paddy and Kiri.

MEDIA RELEASE, 23rd September 2022

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