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Huge Demand for new Veterinary Workers

World Animal Day highlights huge demand for new veterinary workers

With the number of pets in Australia now outnumbering humans, TAFE NSW is training a future workforce with the skills to care for the growing pet industry.

The rising demand for skilled workers in the veterinary industry has never been greater and comes as World Animal Day approaches on 4 October.

With approximately 69 per cent of Australian households now owning a pet, TAFE NSW Animal Studies Teacher Celia Innes said in her time working in the animal services industry, she has never seen such a high demand for vets and vet nurses.
“Employers are screaming out for staff right now – there is an incredible boom taking place in the animal services sector so there are job opportunities galore,” Ms Innes said.
“Our hands-on, practical courses at TAFE NSW ensure students can graduate on Friday and walk into a vet clinic with all the skills to start work on Monday.

“If you have a love for animals, veterinary nursing is an incredibly rewarding profession. Helping an animal that comes in sick recover and watching them go home happy and well with their owner is the best feeling in the world.”

Many studies show that owning a companion animal has huge benefits for mental health. A recent survey by the Waltham Foundation found that 86 per cent of respondents felt they had bonded more with their animals in lockdown, whilst 60 per cent thought their pet had helped them maintain a regular routine, and 43 per cent said their animal reduced their anxiety.

Hannah Murphy is a 21- year-old Umina local who has scored her dream job in the industry as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse at Beach and Bay Vet after studying a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at TAFE NSW Gosford.

“It’s a very rewarding career, there’s nothing better than sending home a healthy animal,” Hannah said.

“The TAFE NSW training took me three steps forward in my career. I am now at the stage on doing anaesthetics and aiding in putting catheters in animals and sometimes that just involves a bit of cuddling so it’s a pretty good field to work in.”

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MEDIA RELEASE, 28th September 2022

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