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Bezzie Personalised Dog Food Delivered - Review

is part of the Marley Spoon group and the brand was quietly launched at the start of 2021 which we totally missed!

Part of a growing number of dog meal plans delivered to your door, Bezzie offers the option to mix and match fresh (all natural raw patties) and dry (kibble bites) dog food.

Importantly, all recipes are made with 100% Aussie sourced ingredients, GMO-free with no by-products or cheap fillers like corn or soy. It meets all AAFCO nutritional standards and the Bezzie meal options are suitable for all ages and breeds, which makes it easier in a multi-dog household.

So when the Bezzie team recently reached out to suggest we give them a trial run, their boxes did tick all of ours!

What is in the Bezzie raw meals options?

If you’ve never offered raw food to your dogs, it is simply unprocessed, uncooked ingredients and just needs to be handled with as much care as you would with your own food. 

The Bezzie natural raw patties are a mix of fresh meat, offal, bones, fruit and vegetables modelled on the well-known B.A.R.F. diet to give your dogs a balanced and nutritious meal.

You can choose from the following (the order is our personal preference):

1. all natural raw beef

2. all natural raw combo

3. all natural raw chicken

All varieties include natural fresh ingredients like spinach, celery, parsley and crushed bones for vitality and (hopefully) fresher breath!

All 3 options include whole ocean fish protein (high in omega-3 essential fatty acids) which can provide anti-inflammatory benefits against allergies or inflammatory skin diseases.

The all natural raw combo includes a little bit of everything: 100% Aussie fresh human-grade beef, grass-fed lamb, RSPCA approved chicken and offal and whole fish (ethically farmed Tasmanian salmon).
So if your dog suffers from any known food allergies, always check the full list of ingredients first.

Protein levels vary between 12.5% and 13.5% for all 3 varieties so we’d select the formula based on your dog’s taste preferences.

Busy pet parents  - we also run after a cat and 5 hens - will love the convenient packaging (the 250g patties arrive frozen, ready to place in your freezer upon delivery).

We started using raw meals regularly in the past five years with our dogs. This was prompted both by a senior dog who found it impossible to grab or chew kibble and also our increased awareness of healthier alternatives. Raw dog food is now forming a larger part of our Mals’ diets as they seem to thrive on it. Not only do they seem more settled (as much as a Malinois can be!) and even-tempered but at nine years old, they still have no health issues.

And it is also not a myth that dogs fed a raw diet produce smaller, firmer and less odourful stools and that’s a bonus when you’re the dedicated “poop scooper” in your household.

You can choose a 100% raw food option or add some kibble bites (these are small enough to be used as training treats or a meal topper for a little bit of crunch).

"What are you having bro? - Don't know sis, still deciding... You?"

What are the Bezzie kibble bites options?

Your dogs can select from these three options:

1. Aussie Fish Bites (our top choice for Porthos)

2. Aussie Chicken & Duck Bites (our second choice for Aramis)

3. Aussie Turkey & Lamb Bites (for puppies)

Both the Aussie Fish Bites and Aussie Chicken & Duck Bites formula include a 26% protein / 15% fat ratio which would be ideal for most adult dogs (your super active or working dog may need a much higher ratio of protein but our dogs now being senior citizens, they don't need those supercharged foods any more).

The Aussie Turkey & Lamb Bites variety is specifically balanced for puppies with a much higher protein (32%) and fat (20%) content. This translates into a higher calorie content: 400kcal / 100g (versus 370kcal / 100g for the other 2 flavours).

The vegetables included in each formula are the same: fava beans, chickpeas, potato, carrot and  spinach.

Our Bezzie unboxing experience

Both our Bezzie boxes were extremely well packaged, clearly labelled with the varieties selected for each of our Malinois and included a Bezzie-branded bowl, food scoop and comprehensive presentation booklet.

When receiving your raw meals, these will be frozen upon delivery and packed in a recyclable insulation bag with an ice pack to keep them cold for hours if you're not present to receive it. 

We like the fact that all packaging is recyclable (the outer layer of your ice pack can be taken to any REDcycle drop off at all major supermarkets) and the gel can go into your household bin. However this being Spring and planting time, you can also use that gel in your backyard or to pot plants as it helps your soil retain water! Bonus...

The raw dog food patties (4 x 250g per stack) are easy to stack in your freezer and you only need to remember to thaw in your fridge 24-36 hours prior. I'd avoid thawing these on your bench as the weather is getting warmer. 

Even your patties' sleeves are made from soft plastic and 100% recyclable. Just like the ice pack sleeve, it can be taken to a REDcycle drop-off point!

How do you get started?

If this is your first experience with a personalised dog meal delivery service, the process is simple: you need to tell Bezzie a little bit about your dog: things like breed, age, weight, and activity level to receive your meal suggestions and portions for your bestie!

Each individual package contains a balanced meal for your dog — so no need to worry about over or underfeeding. But as each dog's metabolism is different, please keep an eye out for weight gain or loss and be reassured that your Bezzie meal portions can always be adjusted.

You can then customise your Bezzie meal plan to your preferences between fresh raw (250g patties) or kibble-style bites (500g packs) or our personal favourite: a personalised combo of both.

Bezzie will then send you a personalised trial box (this may take a few days depending on where you live).

Please note that you will be automatically signed up, however if you need to change your selection or if you find this is not for you (after your first box has arrived), it is easy to either pause (if going on holidays) or cancel at any time.

Though running out of dog food is rare, it can happen! So for busy pet parents, receiving a regular delivery does help by taking some of life's stresses away!

Our Verdict:

"Aramis: is this a self-opening box by any chance? I'm done with photos... Surely it's tasting time?"

Some dogs are fussier than others but this is not a problem we ever had with our dogs: they'll happily tuck into anything healthy (apart from lettuce!) and all Bezzie raw and dry combos were extremely well received here so your dogs are in for a treat!

One thing that stood out for this meal plan was the great value for money so if the rising cost of living is hurting your budget, Bezzie meals are a great option without sacrificing on quality. 

Price & Where to Buy from:

RRP: $25 per week | $3.58 per day for a medium bezzie (18 kg); $38.78 per week | $5.54 per day for a large bezzie (33 kg) at

You'll also receive 40% off your first box order!

Follow Bezzie on Facebook at and on Instagram @bezzie_au

Disclaimer: we received  2 combo boxes with all natural raw beef / Aussie Fish Bites for Porthos and all natural raw combo / Chicken & Duck Bites for Aramis (2 weeks of meals) in order to complete our review.

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