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Hector and the Time Machine Book Release - May 2022

The continuation of the bestseller story for kids about Hector the dog!

Hector is wise, curious, adored by people, he loves travelling and adventures - who better than the dog Hector could be a child's closest friend and life guide? 

His fans can now read the eagerly awaited sequel of his adventures. The release of this second book by author Renata Kaminska titled "Hector and the Time Machine", an adventurous trip to 2020, coincided with the World Day of Cultural Diversity on May 21

This second book is a fast-paced, story about Hector the dog's adventurous journey, sensitive to the diversity of cultures, contemporary problems and threats. Attention parents, get ready for serious conversations and a series of questions about very important matters!

This time, dog Hector travels back to 2020 on a time machine. In his journey around the world, he is an observer of important events and phenomena, including pandemics, climate change, Brexit, multiculturalism and much more. 

Just like a child, he asks questions and looks for answers to understand the complexity of the modern world. The book helps parents engage in conversations with their children on difficult topics based on their own values system ​​and knowledge. 

It is recommended for children aged from 6 to 13 years old.

Beautiful descriptions allow you to move to the colourful and full of aromas of India, drink the traditional five o'clock tea at Primary Minsker’s’ house and finally take part in the Golden Globe Awards. Travelling to Australia during the Great Fire motivates the reader to investigate the causes of climate change and introduces habits that can help save our planet. Children will fall in love with Hector, who will be happy to come back to common adventures and plan new ones.

The book has received numerous reviews and the patronage of various organisations and institutions, including Westminster Children's University in London, - all about literature, A Child in Warsaw, City of Children, Children's Magazine, European Women's Club, Cooltura24 etc.

For her crowdfunding project, Renata was also among the 5 finalists of the BOLD Awards III competition in the crowdfunding projects category. 

The first educational book Renata Kaminska published called "Hector, A Dog's Story" in 2020 was published in Polish and English. 

It is now also in Ukrainian thanks to a crowdfunding project called “Hector & Friends for Ukraine”. The book breaks the taboo of difficult topics in children's literature, such as war, death, attitude to God, discrimination, abandonment and much more. 

The book was featured in Indian Robin Age, Australian Dog Lover, UK Your Dog Magazine and others. The book has been read in over 16 countries on 5 continents. It was also included in the mentoring program on dogs for children under the patronage of Westminster Children's University in London. As part of it, Renata conducts workshops on empathy development held in schools.

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