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Canstar Recognises PetSure’s GapOnly® Payment Service

In its 2022 Innovation Excellence Awards, Canstar has recognised PetSure’s GapOnly® payment service.

GapOnly® is an innovative claims experience and payment service, that reviews and calculates pet insurance claims while customers are still at the vet. Customers simply pay the gap (the difference between the vet’s invoice and the claim benefit under the policy) (“the gap”) and go.

This paperless, in clinic claims experience was recognised by the Canstar judges as a unique and convenient payment service for pet insurance customers claiming for eligible vet bills. They commented that GapOnly® has a significant impact on customers, helping to reduce the costs of some eligible vet bills as they simply pay the gap and go.

“We are delighted to be recognised by Canstar for our innovative GapOnly® payment service for claims, commented Alexandra Thomas CEO of PetSure.

“GapOnly® helps makes it easier for vet clinics and customers. Instead of having to pay a large vet bill on the spot and up front, GapOnly® allows the claim to be processed on the spot in the vet clinic and the customer then only pays the gap.”

PetSure has invested in GapOnly® to help take the stress and worry away for customers when making healthcare decisions for their pets at the clinic.
By making pet insurance more accessible to Australians we aim to improve health outcomes for pets and their owners.” Ms Thomas said.

Laura Todd was devastated when her pet Greyhound, Ruby, was diagnosed with bone cancer. 

Dr Spela Bavcar, Medical Oncologist, SASH Animal Cancer Centre is
 the specialist who treated Ruby. “She was treated for bone cancer - specifically, her front leg near the shoulder, the humerus bone. The recommended treatment for Ruby’s illness was amputation and she is also currently receiving chemotherapy.

Greyhound Ruby was diagnosed with bone cancer (Photo: supplied)

She is undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy and is doing really well.

We’ve generated a special cancer vaccine for her to treat the tumour. With the amputation, we have removed the cancer though there may still be present at a microscopic level. So Ruby is receiving follow up treatment to prevent or delay any cancer spreading further.

Ruby has been given a new quality of life and is now pain free.”

“The cost of treatment was over $15,000 but I was able to claim her pet insurance using the GapOnly® service. Ms Todd said.

SASH Vets Dr Spela Bavcar
SASH’s Animal Cancer Centre
is unique, in that it is able to provide three types of cancer treatment, including medical, surgical and radiation, each able to be used independently or in combination. 

The team at SASH’s Animal Cancer Centre help pet owners and referring veterinarians to understand the best course of the action when a diagnosis has been given in order to give pets the best opportunity for a good quality of life.

is transforming the claims and claim pre-approval experience with less out of pocket expenses for eligible vet bills for the pet parent when they pay the gap, available in over 700 vet clinics and specialist hospitals Australia-wide.

Eleven PetSure brands (including Pet Insurance Australia, which submitted the Innovation Award entry) have partnered with GapOnly to allow customers to make an insurance claim on the spot at participating vets. Customers then only need to pay the gap between the vet bill and what their insurance policy covers.

The full list of participating PetSure brands at the time of writing is:
  • Pet Insurance Australia
  • Australian Seniors
  • Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance
  • Guardian Insurance
  • Guide Dogs Pet Insurance
  • Petbarn Insurance
  • Prime Pet Insurance
  • Real Insurance
  • RSPCA Pet Insurance
  • Woolworths Pet Insurance

is available at participating vets with an eligible pet insurance policy.

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Photography Credit (Lead): 
Kevin Smart |National Manager, Challenger Banking & General Insurance, Canstar (left)
Peter Kerr Chief Operations Officer, PetSure (middle)
Kate Bell | Canstar (right)

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