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Pet Circle expands free online Vet Squad to 24/7

With COVID-19 and floods impacting staffing and stretching veterinary services across Australia, Pet Circle, Australia’s largest online pet supplies store, has expanded its free online Vet Squad advice service to be available 24 hours a day - making it the only free vet service of its kind in Australia.

The expansion will give more Australians free access to quality vet advice on how to care for their pet, helping them save money on vet visits and pet products.

Pet Circle Head Vet Dr Teagan Lever said, “We are excited to expand our free online vet advice service to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, vets don’t always have the time to answer a lot of questions during consultations, and they are not all available 24/7, so our service will provide additional vet support for pet parents.”

“You can live chat with our Vet Squad for quick general advice, including pet tips or to get help with finding the best product for your pet and budget. 

For non urgent questions, you can schedule a longer, free video telehealth session, or get a Vet Pet Plan with impartial health, nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your pet's needs.”

“Our online vets can also be contacted for triage in emergency situations, especially after hours. If your pet is unwell it's really important to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible because in most cases treatment is more likely to be successful early on. 

Speaking with a vet online or over the phone can help you determine whether you need to bring your pet in to an emergency centre or if the condition can be managed at home.”

Pet Circle CEO Mike Frizell says the free 24/7 access to Pet Circle’s Vet Squad is a game changer for pet parents and pet retail.

“We believe the current brick-and-mortar pet retail experience doesn’t adequately improve the knowledge and education of pet parents and we want to rectify this. Our customers love it when they are able to speak to a vet as it helps them find the products that are best for their pet, rather than buying generic products that may not be quite right. Now that our vets are available anytime, we can help more pet parents pet better,” said Mr Frizell.

“Pet humanisation and premiumisation during the pandemic has led to more vet telehealth services popping up, but what makes our vet service different is that you don’t need to be a member or a customer to use it and it's completely free. We’ve done this as we want to democratise quality, pet first vet advice and create the best pet experience in the world.”

The Pet Circle Vet Squad now has over 30 Australian registered vets with experience across a range of different animals and breeds.

To chat with the Pet Circle Vet Squad, visit

About Pet Circle:

Founded in 2011, Pet Circle is Australia’s largest online pet supplies store. Our mission is to help all pet parents pet better by offering the widest range of the highest quality brands and products, a best price guarantee, free access to vet advice, fast and reliable shipping, and customer support 7 days a week.

Our love for all things pets doesn’t end with our customers. We are also committed to supporting our community by donating food and pet supplies to over 100 rescue organisations across Australia.

MEDIA RELEASE, 8th March 2022

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