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Dog Owners Beware... Wee Season is Here!

Leaving vet predicts a perfect storm of conditions will lead to an increase in accidents

Leading veterinarian Dr Lisa Chimes warns the onset of colder, wetter weather often causes dogs to wee inside. Dr Lisa has recently launched the first wee cleaning product on the market designed by a vet. Wee Cleaner from DOG by Dr Lisa is formulated with natural odour-neutralising enzymes.

Dog owners are being warned the onset of colder, wetter weather could bring with it an increase in inside accidents. According to leading veterinarian Dr Lisa Chimes, a change in seasons regularly impacts dogs’ toilet habits, no matter what age or stage of life they’re at.

“Dogs are creatures of habit so even the slightest change in weather and any of their routines can cause even the best trained pup to forget their toilet manners,” Dr Lisa said. 

“Of course puppies are the worst offenders but older dogs - and those with health conditions like arthritis, kidney disease, hormonal imbalances and separation anxiety - can also surprise their owners from time to time.”

Dr Lisa - who has worked as an emergency and critical care vet for 15 years and has starred in popular TV shows Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue - says recent heavy rain in Queensland and New South Wales triggered an increase in dog owners reaching out to her for toilet training advice.

“Just like us, most dogs don’t like going outside when it’s wet and miserable,” Dr Lisa said. “When the weather’s wet, we tend to forget to send our dogs outside as frequently, and many dogs simply refuse to venture outside during the rain. Every time we have a couple of days of heavy rain, I get inundated with people telling me their dogs have been weeing inside, and my own dogs can be guilty of it too.”

In addition to the onset of colder, wetter weather, Dr Lisa says there are a number of other unique factors this year that have led her to warn that Autumn 2022 could be the “worst wee season ever”!

“The past two years have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before,” Dr Lisa said. “We’ve been locked up at home, we’ve broken routines, we’ve created new ones and our dogs have also had their schedules upended during this time. As life increasingly returns to normal - we go into the office more regularly, we take our dogs on fewer walks, and we have more visitors over to the house - many of our pups will take a while to adapt.
 Anxiety and stress are a leading cause of inside accidents.”
According to a recent report, more than two million households across Australia acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. 

Dr Lisa says many of these “COVID puppies” are now reaching their “teenage years”, a time of a dog’s life which can also see an increase in behavioural problems.

“Many of the so-called ‘COVID puppies’ missed out on crucial behavioural training, like attending puppy preschool classes,” Dr Lisa said. 
“Toilet training is one of those things that is ideally taught during the puppy phase.

Older dogs can be toilet trained, but it can take a little more work to break old habits.”

Dr Lisa’s Toilet Training Tips:

✔️ Start toilet training as soon as puppy comes home.

✔️ Take puppy outside to the toileting area:
  • First thing in the morning, after a nap and before they go to bed
  • After eating
  • Before and after playing, meeting visitors or very exciting moments
  •  If they start pacing, sniffing the ground or walking in circles
✔️ Calmly praise your puppy while they are toileting - too much excitement during the act can distract them and can cause incomplete bladder emptying - this is a common reason why puppies come inside to pee after they’ve been outside. Once they finish their urination, show them LOTS of excitement and praise.

✔️ Accidents may happen but it’s important to show no reaction at all when there is an accident. Clean it up using an enzymatic cleaner. Shouting at a dog could scare them and they may start toileting in places that you can’t see like behind a sofa.

✔️ Keeping track of when they toilet in a diary can really help make toilet training faster as you can pre-empt when they need to go.

No matter how well a dog is trained though, Dr Lisa concedes accidents will always happen which is why she has just launched her new eco-friendly, Australian made Wee Cleaner from DOG by Dr Lisa.

It neutralises the smell of dog urine, which helps prevent dogs from peeing in the same spot over and over. “Let’s face it, we all love our dogs but we also love our rugs. So, every dog owner should always have a wee cleaning product in their house,” Dr Lisa said. 

“As the proud mum of three dogs, I’ve been trying other products on the market for years and I’ve never been fully satisfied with the results. When I set out to create Wee Cleaner from DOG by Dr Lisa I wanted to make sure the product didn’t just hide the smell but it also treated the odour at the source.”

Wee Cleaner from DOG by Dr Lisa is formulated using only natural, odour-neutralising enzymes, a gorgeous scent and an innovative removable brush and is the only wee cleaning product on the market designed by a vet.
“I’ve been joking to friends saying I want Wee Cleaner from DOG by Dr Lisa to be the ‘number one product for number ones’,” Dr Lisa said. 
“After almost two years of testing and refining, I truly believe we’ve created a luxury solution to one of life’s inevitable problems if you own a dog. It’s functional, effective and it smells pretty good too. 

We’ve designed a bottle that looks sleek so that you can proudly have it sitting on the kitchen bench or sideboard at home for easy access!”

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $45.00 (750ml Wee Cleaner) from DOG by Dr Lisa at

The entire DOG by Dr Lisa product range - including Wipes, Leave in Conditioners, Wash, Colognes, Poncho towel robes, Brushes and more - is available to purchase online and in selected specialty shops.

About DOG by Dr Lisa

Founded by leading vet Dr Lisa Chimes, DOG by Dr Lisa is an Australian product range that is natural and safe for dogs and the humans who love them while ensuring minimum harm to our planet. All products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, vegan and obviously not tested on animals. A percentage of the brands profits is whole-heartedly donated to the RSPCA.

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th March 2022

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