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Bell & Bone launches Training & Rewards treats range

Introducing Bell & Bone, a range of specially-formulated dog treats and dental sticks, developed to keep your pup healthy and you happy. Bon(e) App├ętit!

Founded in 2018 by Melbourne local and dog lover, Arianne Sackville, Bell & Bone was created to give all dog owners access to healthier food options for their canine companions.

Born out of frustration with the lack of regulation within the pet food industry, Arianne launched Bell & Bone, dog treats with a real purpose, to help prevent some of the most common diseases found in dogs. Offering a range of specially-formulated dog treats and dental sticks, Bell & Bone uses natural, uncompromised, top-quality ingredients backed by clinical expertise, to ensure your dog gets only the best.

Bell & Bone’s current product range includes three collections - Dental Sticks, Collagen Sticks and Training and Rewards

One of Bell & Bone’s first product offerings, the Dental Sticks were launched to address the growing issue of poor dental health in dogs using Australian, all-natural, healthy and grain-free ingredients. With an ethos of providing purposeful and transparent products, Bell & Bone’s Dental Sticks were formulated with active ingredients to combat plaque and tartar. Such active ingredients can help to prevent periodontal disease, which affects four out of five dogs by three years old. 

The Dental Sticks also contains purposefully included superfoods such as mint for freshness, manuka honey for its antibacterial properties and activated charcoal for its natural whitening agents. Unlike other brands or products in the market, Bell & Bone’s active ingredients aid with the prevention of dental diseases and have led to the Dental Sticks range becoming one of the top-selling canine dental products in Australia.

By age seven, over 60 per cent of dogs will suffer from joint issues, which is why Bell & Bone developed its newest product range, the Collagen Sticks

The loss of collagen as dog's age can lead to aches, pains and even arthritis, however, research has proven that feeding dogs collagen daily can help to replenish the diminishing levels in their body. 

While highly functional, the Collagen Sticks are also packed with premium, natural ingredients that are full of superfoods - making them the perfect chew to keep any puppy or dog occupied. 

With puppy-specific treat sizes, you can rest assured that your socks and shoes are safe.

Launching just this year, Bell & Bone is thrilled to introduce the Training and Rewards range, a set of freeze-dried treats for puppies and small dogs, designed specifically for training. 

Freeze drying food allows the ingredients to remain raw, which retains up to 99 per cent of all nutrients. Superfood inclusions such Green Lipped Mussels and Coconut Oil also help to promote better joint, gut and skin health for dogs. With flavours such as Lamb, Coconut & Manuka Honey and Salmon, Carrot & Kale, these bite-sized treats are the perfect, guilt-free reward for teaching your dog some new tricks.

“The pet food industry is typically quite reactionary, often focusing its attention on managing health concerns after they have happened. I created Bell & Bone because I believe in
prevention and choosing to live a healthy life. 

Bell & Bone’s products have been created with the help of industry experts, ensuring that all treats promote the health and wellbeing of our animals above all else. For example, our Dental Sticks can help to prevent tartar and plaque build-up which causes gum or dental disease - something that affects 80 per cent of dogs by the time they are three years old.

“One of the main reasons that I created Bell & Bone was to take the confusion out of feeding your dog. I wanted to make it easy for owners to choose purposeful, healthy and delicious products and have confidence knowing that their pets' health and wellbeing isn’t at risk.

“My beautiful dog, Louie, is my motivation. He is my baby and I want him to be healthy and happy as I know all good dog owners want for their pets. That’s why I do this, to give him and all dogs alike what they deserve.”

At the heart of Bell & Bone’s mission is to help dogs live a healthier and happier life, through developing food products that have the highest nutritional value. 

This brand mission is echoed in its business partnership with RSPCA Victoria, whereby Bell & Bone frequently donates funds and food, with ten cents from each pack sold donated directly to the charity. 

Bell & Bone donate $2 from all dog charms sold to RSPCA Victoria as part of their Partnership

All Bell & Bone products are Australian and New Zealand made and 100 per cent Australian-owned.

Get your paws on some Bell & Bone now, we promise your dog will love your fur-ever.

Price & Where to Buy from:

RRP: from $14.99 - $19.99.

Bell & Bone products are available to purchase online at and selected pet specialty stores including PETstock, Best Friends Pets, My Pet Warehouse and Pet Circle

For more details, visit: or Instagram: @bellandbone 

MEDIA RELEASE, 10th February 2022

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