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People for Pets launches new brand Nectar of the Dogs

Australian startup launches new human-grade supplements category designed to pamper your pup’s health

Breakthrough new Nectar supplements feature clinically-trialled ingredients and formulations developed with leading naturopaths and veterinarians.

Australian start-up People for Pets has launched a unique new brand Nectar of the Dogs - slurpable medicinal water supplements made in Australia with high-quality, human-grade, plant-based ingredients to support your pooch’s health.

“We’re experts in supplements for dogs and people - with Nectar, we’ve created a range of products that we wanted for our own dogs - with each ingredient painstakingly formulated to deliver maximum benefit, based on clinical evidence in dogs that tastes amazing,” shares Nectar of the Dogs Founder, Gabriel Perera.

“All our products are plant-based and made in human-grade, certified organic manufacturing facilities here in Australia. We’re setting a new global standard for pet supplements by giving pet parents like us an incredible product at a price that makes it easy to give our dogs the very best.”

Nectar applies over 20 years of Perera’s experience in premium human and dog supplements with brands like Blackmores, BioCeuticals and Pure Animal Wellbeing.

Partnering with other natural health experts, veterinarians, food technologists and dog lovers, Nectar launched their first five tasty formulations aimed to assist pet parents with the top health concerns for today’s dogs, including joints, immune system, calming the nervous system, and supporting skin health, gut and digestive system.

Introducing the Nectar of the Dogs range

 Gut-Brain + Digestion

For the increasing number of pups with an upset tummy, Gut-Brain + Digestion will help your dog get back on track with its digestive health while supporting its mood and cognitive function. 
Its delicious plant-based formula is thoughtfully made with clinically proven Japanese probiotic Calsporin, fulvic acid, prebiotic fibre and a blend of Australian-made probiotics and postbiotics to improve gut function and enhance nutrient absorption. 
People aren’t the only ones coping with stress, with the number of dogs experiencing anxiety and stress at record highs. We recognised that pups could use a little extra support from Nectar’s Calm + Relax

Formulated with clinically-proven (in dogs) KSM-66, an organic extract of Ashwagandha most commonly found in premium human supplements and L-Tryptophan, your pet can live happily without any worries of thunderstorms, loud noises or separation anxiety

 Immune + Wellness

Immunity is everything these days. To protect your furry friend from any nasty infections or dog-park diseases, Immune + Wellness will help ensure your pups stay at their happiest and healthiest. 

The easy-to-use supplement is made with the clinically-trialled (in dogs) immune protection from Wellmune for Pets, organic Astragalus extract, organic Reishi mushroom and the hero ingredient of the last two years, vegan Vitamin D3 all working together to increase your pup’s resistance to pathogens.

 Joint + Longevity

If your dog is starting to become less agile, experiences joint pain or discomfort or is entering its golden years, Joint + Longevity will help support longevity, relieve inflammation and address joint pain for your pup. 

The vet-developed formula of NAD+ today’s hottest (human) longevity ingredient, Ayurvedic hero ingredient Boswellia, and sustainably sourced Cordyceps is hand-crafted to boost energy levels while tackling joint pain and inflammation and immune support function.

5) Skin + Coat

The ultimate pampering for your dog can be done through a slurp of Nectar’s collagen boosting and skin- hydrating Skin + Coat

Formulated with organic Tremella mushroom, organic Gotu kola, organic Australia flaxmeal, key nutrients zinc and biotin and a skin-smart blend of Australian-made probiotics, pre-and post-biotics, your pup will enjoy relief from skin irritations and enjoy healthy skin and a radiant a shiny coat.

Traditional dog supplements are often made in unpalatable capsules and tablets full of fillers, binders and ingredients with few or unsubstantiated health benefits. Instead, Nectar was created in the form of a liquid to be bioavailable, with human-grade ingredients and no binders or fillers for better and faster absorption.

More than just a healthy dog supplement brand, plant-based and Australian-made Nectar is better for the Planet, too - committed to lowering its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment as conventional pet food production releases over 106 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. In a strategic move to create environmental change, Nectar’s plant-based formulas are carefully packaged in recyclable and compostable packaging, avoiding any single-use plastics.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $39.95 (all) from at and in your favourite pet stores around Australia. 

Follow their journey at @nectarofthedogs.

About Nectar of the Dogs

At Nectar of the Dogs™, we wanted to do better for our own dogs based on our years of experience in the world’s best supplement brands.. Unpalatable capsules and tablets, high temperature extruded meat-based treats, or feed-grade products full of fillers, and ingredients with few health benefits were just not good enough anymore.

So our little team of natural health experts, vets, food technologists and doggy Mums and Dads created the most efficacious formulas ever seen in dog supplements, all made in Australia from human-grade ingredients. Welcome to Nectar of the Dogs™.

MEDIA RELEASE, 17th January 2022

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