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Puppy Tales reveals Santa Paws' Official Naughty & Nice List for 2021

Dogs may not be pawfect, but they do try their waggling best!

Find out if your dog is naughty or nice!

During another pandemic year in lockdown and isolation, dogs have brought much joy to households around Australia. 

Nice doggies, Luna, Diesel, Millie and Max! But some have also misbehaved – Scooter destroyed the sofa, Gunner chased the cat (even if the cat made him do it), Chico ate mum’s bra and had to go to the vet, and Keiko chased Rudolph’s cousin (we’ll get to that in a minute)!

In pawtnership with the North Pawl, Puppy Tales has released the much-anticipated Santa Paws' Official Naughty & Nice List for 2021! Which list is your doggo on?

“Santa Paws has been watching and keeping score of all the dogs this year and congratulates those who’ve found themselves on the Nice List for their pawsome work during such a challenging year,” said Kerry Martin, award-winning pet photographer and Editor of Puppy Tales, a website aimed at helping pet owners make the most of life with their fur family.

“Santa Paws regrets to advise, though, that a number of boys and girls – who, while nice – have been naughty far more! These dogs need to be on their best behaviour from now on if they want to find treats in their stocking this year.”

This year, Kerry’s dog Keiko scored himself a spot on the Naughty List after chasing a deer during a snowy winter’s hike around Dinner Plain, Victoria.
It’s safe to say Kerry’s got a much tighter grip on Keiko’s lead now! 

But how the naughty pooch will explain to Santa Paws about scaring Rudolph’s cousin is another matter.

“Ultimately, and despite what Santa Paws has to say, all dogs are incredible and we love them to bits,” said Kerry. “And while we’ve known all along what wonderful companions our dogs are, the last two years have cemented that.

“We've had shared with us stories of emergency services workers whose dogs have helped them get through tough days, of furry friends helping to celebrate birthdays in lockdown and dogs staying by their human in bed when the days became too much. Our doggos have made bright days even better!”

Is your dog Naughty or Nice?

Find out
here if your pooch deserves “Yappy Holidays” (like a good doggo) or “Fleas Navidad” (like a naughty canine)! Perhaps it wasn’t Whiskers that chewed up the sofa after all!

You can download your pooch’s official Naughty or Nice Certificate to print out for display or share your dog’s official status on the socials! 

For some extra tail wags, check out the Naughty & Nice GIFs designed by Puppy Tales for your email signature, website or blog.

Can’t find your dog’s name?

With over 6.5 million* dogs living in Aussie households, the Naughty and Nice List is being continually reviewed and updated. If you do not find your dog’s name on either list, we can blame the pesky North Pawl cat who walked across Santa Paws’ keyboard when he was compiling the list and a few names were removed.

Think that Santa Paws and his tail-wagging elves may have gotten it wrong? If your dog’s name is on the Naughty (or Nice!) List, you can submit a review here.

“No doggie wants to be watching the cat get all the pressies on Christmas morning, so make sure you get your requests in by 5pm (AEST) on 23 December 2021,” said Kerry. “Dogs may not be pawfect, but they do try their waggling best!”

Photo Credit (all): Puppy Tales Photography

About Kerry Martin & Puppy Tales

Kerry Martin is a Melbourne-based and international award-winning family and pet photographer who considers pets (like children) very much part of the family. It’s for this very reason that she specialises in portraiture photography that includes the entire family!

Kerry is also Editor of Puppy Tales, a website devoted to the promotion of wonderful relationships between dogs and people. This means exploring the further integration of dogs into our society and highlighting the benefits and enjoyment they can bring to all members of our community.

Kerry has received many photography awards over the past decade, including the Epson International Panoramic Awards, Photographic Society of America International, Creative Asia Photography Awards, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Australian Professional Photography Awards, Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards and Victorian Division Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

So, whether it be a studio session to celebrate the arrival of a new puppy or a fabulous family session to highlight the beautiful human-pet bonds, Kerry is thrilled to capture the love, fun and joy of your entire family. On location pet photography sessions are available around Australia. To discover more, visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 9th December 2021

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