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Australian Pet Organics launches Certified Organic Supplements & Treats

In a largely unregulated industry, Australian Pet Organics set out to give pets the best chance of a long and happy life. 

The pet food industry has received a lot of criticism of late, with concerns over the safety of some brands coming to light. The industry is largely self-regulated, and use of the likes of sulphur dioxide, sodium and potassium sulphate preservatives only needs to be disclosed if the company volunteers to do so. 

More owners are beginning to realise that they have been feeding their beloved fur babies potentially harmful ingredients that they would never feed themselves.

However ethical and honest brands are starting to make their move in the market.

Australian Pet Organics (APO) is a brand that has originated from Sydney and has gone as far as investing in becoming certified organic

Todd Graham is the Founder of APO and says:
“I wanted to ensure that my pets have the best chance to live a long, healthy and happy life, and feeding them poor quality food is unlikely to achieve that goal”.
APO came about when Todd discovered that one of his dogs, Tank had Spina Bifida. By the age of 7, Tank’s legs had started to give way. It was hard for him to get up in the morning and run around and play with his sisters. 

Not all heroes wear capes but Tank does!
The vet suggested that surgery would be the best option.

Given Todd’s history with invasive surgeries himself, he knew that surgery would be very risky for Tank so he started testing alternatively options. 

He fed Tank bone broth, turmeric and rosehip, amongst other ingredients and within two weeks, Tank was back to being able to play and was mobile again. 

Two years later, he does still have Spina Bifida, but the inflammation has reduced and he is living a happy and pain free life.

APO has recently launched a range of pet supplements and treats designed to help reduce inflammation, heal digestion and target joint health

The range was developed by a vet nutritionist who is also a conservation scientist and all products have been tested on humans (yes, you read that right!).

APO also support a variety of animal charities including Deaf Dog Rescue Australia, Australian Working Dog Rescue and Bull Terrier Rescue Australia.

Price & Where to Buy from:

RRP: $24.95 (treats); $79.95-$99.95 (supplements) at

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