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Airtasker Pet Professionals Experience a Boom in Demand

Airtasker Pawfessionals help Aussie pets adjust post-lockdown

During lockdown, Aussie pets became accustomed to their owners being home all day everyday, and are set to struggle as their owners return to life, work and study. 

Luckily, Airtasker “Pawfessionals” are on hand to meet the increase in demand from pet owners looking to help furry friends adjust to a COVID-settled world. Airtasker data unveiled an increase of:

44% in pet training and psychologist tasks from July to October
125% in pet sitting/day care tasks from September to October
49% in dog walking tasks from July to October

As Aussies start to settle back into a life out of lockdown, data from Airtasker reveals pet owners are turning to pawfessionals to tick off their pet-parent to-do lists, with a 38% increase in pet category tasks from September to October.

Aussie pets have been reaping the benefits of their owners’ mandated home time over the past year, with more play time, cuddles and walks offered than ever before. As a result, Aussie vets are urging owners to look for symptoms of pet’s separation anxiety as they adjust to being alone during the day.

Home-alone pet frets are a priority for many owners, with posted tasks for pet psychologists and trainers (+44% since July) and pet sitters (+61% since July and +125% between September and October), amongst the most in demand tasks on the platform.

Their popular requests include dog walking which has seen a 49% increase in tasks since July, with average task price of around $60, as people look to ensure their pets are still getting out and about. Pet grooming has also spiked by 36%, as owners look to pamper their pooches after months of home haircuts.

NSW Tasker, Louise Marshall has more than 35 years experience in pet care, and offers safe and secure pet transportation on Airtasker, as well as pet sitting. “Lockdown lifting has caused my profile to go gang-busters, with a huge increase in requests from people wanting their pets looked after or transported to a pet sitter or friend, it’s allowed me to build up a bank of entirely new clientele!”

“Since lockdown restrictions have eased, I’m definitely seeing signs of separation anxiety in my dog, Cookie”, says NSW pet owner Amna. “Cookie just turned one so leaving her home alone for a few hours is daunting! I’ve jumped on Airtasker post-lockdown to search for professional dog sitters for the times I’m at the gym or grabbing groceries, and need somebody I can trust. It’s such an easy process, and so worth it!”

Noelle Kim, Airtasker CMO, knows the important role pets play in Aussie lives and what they mean to us... 

“At Airtasker we are about helping you get more done. 
We want to take the stress out of pet parenthood by connecting trusted pet experts with caring owners, especially during this transition back to pre-lockdown life. 
We are lucky enough to be able to bring our pets to work at Airtasker but for those that can’t, there are Taskers to pet-sit, walk, comfort and even counsel your pets”.

To find the pawfect Tasker for the job, visit Airtasker.

About Airtasker

Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace that connects people who need work done with people who want to work. People and businesses can simply post a task and then choose from rated, verified and reviewed people ready to work straight away. Founded in 2012, Airtasker has grown to support more than 3.6 million members across Australia, with 30,000 monthly active Taskers. In 2020, Airtasker was named as one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast50, amongst the fastest growing established tech companies in Australia.

Airtasker is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as of March 2021

MEDIA RELEASE, 3rd November 2021

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