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Superfoods for Dogs: Field Day reveals the trends to try and those best to ignore

As a result of the increased humanisation of pets [1], the pet dietary supplement industry is booming and is set to reach $100 million by 2024 [2], but natural supplement company, Field Day, is educating Australians on the dog superfood trends to listen to and the ones better off ignored.

Fur parents everywhere do their best to try and understand what their dog might be feeling or thinking, but without any means of verbal communication and lots of different advice out there, it’s no wonder many feel confused about their pet’s needs.

From Green Lipped Mussels to St John’s Wort, Field Day Vet, Emily Turner, says that many superfoods that humans have known about for decades, are also beneficial for dogs, which is why Field Day created its range of meal toppers.

“Whether you provide your dog with dry biscuits, wet food or make it yourself at home, meal toppers or supplements and the superfoods found in them, can assist in keeping your furry friend’s health and wellbeing needs in pawfect shape,” Emily says.

“Supplements are also a great choice for dogs with specific health issues, such as anxiety, arthritis, gut issues or skin problems.”

“For example, Green Lipped Mussels aren’t found in regular dog food but they are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. When taken as part of a healthy, balanced diet, they can help support joint health and mobility by reducing cartilage degradation and inflammation.”

Emily adds that anxiety is something that many dogs struggle with and there has been an increase in the number of pets experiencing anxiety as a result of the pandemic.
“In addition to picking up our emotions, our pets aren’t used to having us home all the time and any change in routine can make them feel stressed or anxious.”
“A lot of families also purchased puppies for the first time during the last 18 months, so we’ve seen a rise in pets suffering from separation anxiety as well.”

It may come as no surprise then that St John’s Wort, a superfood that humans have used to assist in boosting mood for centuries, is beneficial for our furry friends too.

“St John’s Wort is often used as a natural ingredient in human anti-anxiety medication, which is why the team at Field Day included the ingredient, along with hemp protein and salmon, in its Cool, Calm & Collected meal topper.”

Emily warns that while providing supplements or mixing up your dog’s food might always be done with the most heartfelt intentions, there are a few diet trends pet parents should avoid.

Grain-free diets are a big no-no from me and I think most of the veterinary world at the moment. There is strong evidence that grain-free diets can lead to cardiac issues in dogs and something called dilated cardiomyopathy, which can be fatal,” Emily says.

“Currently, there is research going on but the evidence is so strong, so until more is known I would avoid it. 

Dogs do eat grains in the wild and anyone with a dog will see in springtime that they love eating the new grass, which doesn’t mean they’re sick but it is a tasty and natural way for them to get fibre.”

Specially created with a vet nutritionist, Field Day’s meal toppers are scientifically formulated to not only improve your dog’s health and wellbeing, but also to maintain peak condition and nutrition from the inside out.

With products made from human-grade natural, real whole foods, Field Day takes a stance against preservatives, additives, GMO ingredients and harsh chemicals that can often find their way into pet care products.

No matter your dog’s health or wellness needs, Field Day has an easy and budget-friendly meal topper designed to suit every dog and keep their tail wagging.

Field Day range of Meal Toppers:

Cool Calm & Collected: $34.95 RRP ($1.40 per serve*):
for our furry friends that suffer from anxiety, have behavioural issues or need to optimise brain function, this meal topper is formulated with St. John’s Wort, hemp protein to support serotonin production, DHA from salmon powder to support cognitive function and apple powder (containing quercetin) which has been shown to improve memory and learning.

Mover & Shaker: $39.95 RRP ($1.60 per serve*): 
for active or ageing dogs experiencing sore joints and mobility issues, this meal topper includes Green Lipped Mussels, along with turmeric to target inflammation and hemp seed meal to help maintain muscle mass.

The Balancing Act: $19.95 RRP (60 cents per serve*):
designed to support digestion and gut health for adult dogs, this meal topper provides a mix of both insoluble and soluble fibre to create prebiotics and maintain the health of the gut microbiome. It also includes pumpkin, a rich antioxidant
beta-carotene, and hemp fibre to help regulate digestion.

Rise & Shine: $19.95 RRP (50 cents per serve*): 
A spray meal topper with Omega-3 and 6 naturally found in 100% Australian hemp seed oil, which promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat, strengthens immunity and supports general health and wellbeing.

Designed to be simply sprinkled on top of the food your dog already loves and suitable for raw, dry and mixed diets, Field Day’s meal toppers can be purchased at PETstock, Pet Circle, Pet Culture, Wonderpets and Habitat stores nationwide and online. 

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*Average serving size is based on an average-sized dog (15-20kg).

About Field Day:

Field Day is an Australian range of natural and functional products created with a vet nutritionist to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs to maintain peak condition and nutrition from the inside out.

Taking a stance against preservatives, additives, GMO ingredients and harsh chemicals, Field Day’s range of meal supplement products are made from real whole foods and only the gentlest of nourishing ingredients are featured within its care range.

With a belief that high quality nutrition and health products are key to helping dogs live their best lives, Field Day’s scientifically formulated products promote energy, vibrancy and shine to make sure your dog is ready to take on the day, nose first and all paws in.

MEDIA RELEASE, 21st September 2021

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