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Poseidon Canine launches Digestive K9 dog supplement

Groundbreaking new gut health supplement gives Aussie dogs the gift of true health

Poseidon Animal Health, the Australian business behind Poseidon Equine - the country’s fastest growing horse gut health business - has today launched a ground-breaking new gut health product. And this time it’s for dogs.

Digestive K9 is the first product to launch for Poseidon Canine, part of the Poseidon Animal Health family. It’s a gut health supplement designed in consultation with a leading team of dog health experts, with natural gut health-boosting ingredients to support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Not only does Digestive K9 feature natural ingredients which are scientifically-proven to support good gut health, it also features BioK9, a powerful bespoke prebiotic, postbiotic and para-probiotic created for Poseidon Canine by international dog health experts.

More than 80 dogs, with help from their humans, have taken part in trials of Digestive K9, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

One trial participant, dog breeder, Sarah Tuckey, said: “I have found that my dogs just love it, licking their bowls clean. Their coats are glowing, thick, shiny and so healthy, their teeth are healthy and they have regular bowel movements. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I certainly know my dogs will be on it for life!”

Linda Goldspink-Lord
, co-founder of Poseidon Animal Health, said: “The feedback from the trial participants has been overwhelmingly positive - with many reporting their dogs are more relaxed, less stressed, less anxious, with better skin and coat condition and better sleep patterns. 

Even older dogs got a new spring in their step. The power of the gut in impacting overall health and wellbeing is truly amazing.

“Since launching Poseidon Equine just over three years ago, we’ve seen first-hand how good gut health can change the lives of horses for the better, and we’re so excited to bring the benefits of good gut health to dogs. The gut is linked directly with behaviour, anxiety and stress, the immune system, skin and coat condition, and so much more. Digestive K9 is designed to lay the foundations for dogs of any age to enjoy true health.”

After welcoming a new puppy - a Cavoodle called Oscar - into their lives last year, Linda thought it was only fair to create a gut health supplement for their other furry four-legged friends. They’ve worked with a highly-skilled team, including a holistic veterinarian, pet nutritionist and animal naturopath, and an animal microbiologist, to formulate Digestive K9.

“Oscar started on some of the ingredients in Digestive K9 when only a few months old. The results were amazing. He has been this calm happy dog who copes with anything life throws at him. He has been completely different to any other dog I have ever owned. His level of joy and happiness is amazing to watch and I put it all down to his healthy gut.”

Ruth Hatten, the pet nutritionist and animal naturopath who has helped create Digestive K9, said the gut health supplement is the first of its kind, thanks to a trademarked pre, para and postbiotic and the combination of naturally sourced ingredients:

Digestive K9 has been formulated with food based ingredients designed to support the canine digestive system. There is nothing artificial in the product and there are no cheap fillers. Just a selection of healthy and scientifically backed ingredients that work together synergistically to help your dog have a healthy digestive system."

Dr Renee O'Duhring, who is a leading Australian holistic vet and consulting vet for Poseidon Canine, says that up until now, there were no digestive health supplements on the market she could confidently recommend:

“With all kinds of regular assaults on your dog's gut (and overall) health, such as poor diet, pollution, parasites, de-wormers, medication, and lifestyle stress, gut support needs to be a daily and ongoing event. Poseidon Canine have made this easy with their well-researched and expertly developed product 'Digestive K9'. 

With a background in equine health, they understand the importance of quality feed supplements, and in Digestive K9 they have created the perfect product for dogs! Not only is it your go-to product for supporting your dog to thrive, but it is easy to use, and dogs actually LIKE IT!”

Linda says: “With expert help, we’ve researched the most powerful natural ingredients to boost a dog’s gut health, formulated specifically for the canine digestive system. This includes extracts from pineapple, green-lipped mussels, spirulina and a whole host of other proven ingredients.”

Digestive K9 is the first product to launch in the Poseidon Canine range, with other gut health products for dogs currently in the research and development phase.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $37.50 (150g sachet). Also available in a 350g sachet.

Find out more at

About Poseidon Animal Health

Poseidon Animal Health is based in Wollongong and is the parent company of Poseidon Equine and Poseidon Canine.

Poseidon Equine makes three best-selling horse gut health products. The company has received thousands of testimonials from customers about the transformative powers of gut health for horses, from hobby horse enthusiasts to eventing horses, show jumpers, race trainers and breeders. Poseidon Equine’s products are available online and through the network of 325+ retailers stocking products around Australia and New Zealand.

Poseidon Canine launched in February 2021, bringing the benefits of good gut health to Australia’s dogs.

MEDIA RELEASE, 23rd July 2021

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