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Agility Dog Club of SA Games Trial - July 24

Agility Dog Club of SA hosts the July Games Trial featuring a full day of competition

** Please note that these Agility Games Trials have been rescheduled to Saturday 23rd October 2021 **

On Saturday 24th July 2021, the Agility Dog Club of SA will host their only Games trial of the year featuring a full day of competition.

This event will be held at their new grounds of Golflands Reserve in Glenelg North, starting from 9am.

The July competition features Strategic Pairs where a team of two handlers and dogs take turns completing a series of obstacles around a course. If one makes a mistake the other must complete that obstacle in a race against the time to cross the line. 

The second event is Gamblers where points are allocated to each piece of equipment on a scale of difficulty and competitors must make up their own course to acquire as many points as possible before going clear on a short final run. 

The final competition is Snooker where - like in the game of snooker - handlers must ensure their dog jumps clear over a ‘red’ jump then complete a ‘colour’ obstacle three times before staying clear over a numbered closing sequence. This is a game of skill and again the aim is to acquire as many points as possible.

Jenny Barnes. spokesperson for the ADCSA said that the competition is an opportunity for everyone to have even more fun than usual with the rules slightly different to a normal competition. 

“Choosing their own course means competitors can take advantage of obstacles their dogs excel at while if they happen to knock a jump in Gamblers and Strategic Pairs or even in Snooker (at Novice level) they can still gain a qualification as long as they are accurate elsewhere despite not winning”.

“Games can be fun for the audience to watch as competitors will often complete popular obstacles such as weavers several times on one course and of course the enjoyment for dogs and handlers is clear to see just taking part”. 

“Strategic Pairs is the only time you’ll see two dogs and their handlers on the course at once and while a well-oiled team is amazing to watch, sometimes mayhem ensues as dogs and handlers have to rush to the other side of the ring to complete an obstacle that their teammate has faulted while that teammate swaps to a different part of the course”.

Dog agility is a sport suitable for most breeds with canines as small as Pugs and Jack Russell Terriers right up to large breeds such as DobermansGolden Retrievers, Collies and Labradors plus working breeds such as KelpiesBorder Collies and Australian Shepherds.

Handlers can be any age with everyone from teenagers to seniors taking part in training and competing dogs and if any spectators are interested in looking to join a club and start training there will be information available at the event.

When: Saturday 24th July 2021, from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Entry and parking are free and families are welcome to find a spot ringside to watch the action with onsite catering available.

For the latest details, follow this event's Facebook page.

Photography credit (all): Jenny Barnes Photography 

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