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Montague Canine launches pet skin and coat care in eco-friendly packaging

Montague Canine a new brand in pet care products has introduced a premium skin and coat care shampoo range exclusively contained in flexible eco-friendly packaging.

Montague Canine has taken their premium pet shampoo range and decided NOT to bottle it! 

The new-to-market Australian made and owned brand is affirming their stand in being an environmentally ethical label with the introduction of practical and lightweight packaging made with 76% less plastic than conventional bottles of the same volume. 

What’s better than eco-friendly packaging? Knowing it is 100% recyclable with Montague Canine offering their customers complimentary recycling of the used packaging within the Terra Cycle recycling program. See their website for more information.

“Our pet skin and coat cleansers contain pure botanicals and active ingredients for which UV protection is essential, and the choice of packaging is the perfect solution to deliver our products in an uncompromised state and ensure that every dog receives the benefits of the potent ingredients

It encompasses all aspects of our requirements for a premium and eco-friendly shampoo range. It is an all-round win-win”. says
Melissa Bogdanovic, owner of Montague Canine.

Speaking of ingredients, equally exciting being what is contained inside every flexible pouch. Montague Canine has successfully blended the very best of nature and innovations in sustainable chemistry with the best possible result. 

The shampoo range of eight products offers two cleansers designed to enhance the look and feel of the coat, with three cleansers dedicated to improving and maintaining optimum skin health in dogs. The collection also offers:

✔️ an extra-gentle shampoo for the sensitive skin and puppy baths
✔️ a luxurious wash scented with the Montague signature fragrance and 
✔️ a shampoo with a warming effect to aid in temporary relief of muscle and joint stiffness often experienced by our senior canine companions.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $28.00-$32.00 (16.9 fl.oz / 500ml).

Visit to order the perfect shampoo for your dog. 

Trade enquiries from stockists are welcome.

You can find Montague Canine on Instagram at @montaguecanine

MEDIA RELEASE, 9th June 2021

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