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PETstock Assist National Pet Adoption Month - March 2021

Sporting legends Sharni Layton, Giaan Rooney and Peter Siddle cheer on rescue pets for inaugural National Pet Adoption Month

Throughout March, PETstock Assist will celebrate its inaugural National Pet Adoption Month initiative to find even more pets homes, educate the public and celebrate the entire rescue community.

For the past six years, PETstock Assist has been changing the lives of rescue pets and humans having rehomed more than 12,000 pets – in just six days! – providing much needed education, changing perceptions and behaviour on pet adoption in Australia.

Owner Lisa with her rescue Greyhound Ray

Australian sporting superstars and animal welfare advocates, Sharni Layton, Peter Siddle and Giaan Rooney have banded together to team up with PETstock Assist to support the month-long initiative and educate Australians on the benefits of pet adoption.

Sharni and Peter are no strangers to rescuing animals, each being proud adoptive pet parents to three cats and five dogs collectively – all who have changed their lives for the better.

“Having the opportunity to give our five rescue dogs, quirks and all, a second chance at a loving home has been such a rewarding experience,” says Peter. “We were fortunate enough to meet our perfect match on five separate occasions. I encourage all would-be pet owners looking for a pet to consider adoption and keep an open mind.” 

Giaan Rooney at Second Chance Animal Rescue for PETstock National Pet Adoption Day 

For Sharni, it’s knowing she always has the unwavering support from her rescue cats.

“The companionship and support that they’ve provided in return, especially throughout 2020 and now during the AFLW season, has made such a positive difference to my life off the field.”

Since teaming up with PETstock Assist in 2020, Giaan Rooney has welcomed a four-legged rescue into her family.

“At the beginning of 2020 we began the search for a new furry family member, and it wasn’t long until I met our beautiful Dachshund x Kelpie cross puppy, Roy,” says Giaan.

“Adopting Roy has been so rewarding. He’s formed a great bond with my children, who already understand the important responsibilities of caring for an animal.”

PETstock Assist continues to encourage all Australian’s to Adopt Different this March – to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to rescue pets. To reconsider any biases, dismiss unfair stereotypes and make considered, sustainable choices on what pet is truly the best fit for their lifestyle.

PETstock Assist Charity and Events Lead, Jessica Curtis, wants everyone, not just adoptive parents, to think differently about what they can do to help break the cycle of pet homelessness.

Owner Michelle with Skater
“Those who choose to adopt not shop play a critical role in reducing the number of animals in need,” she says. “Not only by providing a loving home and second chance, but also leading by example.”

“Our rescue parents take the time to learn a pet’s unique personality to find their perfect match, they make a long-term commitment, and ultimately, build a relationship that improves a pet’s life and their own.

After all time high adoption rates in 2020, this year is truly a celebration of these owners and the commitment they’ve made to their animals who we know, are all unique and different, and that’s why we love them.

“But it’s not just pet parents who are changing the lives of rescue animals in Australia. There are countless rescue groups, volunteers and foster carers right across the nation who are all helping break the cycle.”

As always, there will be an event held at selected participating PETstock stores across Australia on Saturday 13th March.

For more details on PETstock Assist’s National Pet Adoption Month visit your local store in March and the new PETstock Adoption Hub at

With the unprecedented adoptions of 2020, the month-long initiative will also be focusing on education and training tips for animals and owners to build the best possible relationship for the future as Australia transitions to a COVID normal with more time spent apart.

Lead photo: Owner Ed with Beagle Cooper - Credit (all): PETstock

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th February 2021

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