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Fetched pre-portioned dog kibble delivered

Meet Fetched - A premium pre-pawtioned dog food company delivering fresh dog food to your doorstep

It’s no secret that meal delivery services have proven popular for Australians conveniently delivering fresh, nutritious meals to your home and now your dog can get their paws on this too! 

Enter Fetched (RRP $79 per box) – an Australian start-up premium dog food subscription service delivering fresh pre-pawtioned kibble to your doorstep.

Founded by two brothers Carl and Nigel Sandeman in Orange NSW, Fetched was created to ensure that feeding time was an experience, not a chore. Concerned with the wellbeing of dogs not only due to over and under feeding but the declining quality of mass-produced dog food, Fetched was established to bring high quality, healthy dog food to the nations dog owners sans the hassle.

“We’ve made it our mission to never see a bag of dog kibble over 10kg on the market anywhere in the world by 2030,” says Nigel. “Why? Because something many people don’t realise is that the mass made, cost cutting supermarket style kibble don’t pack the nutritional value that your dog deserves. 

Additionally, the large bags mean that the kibble is oxidised, resulting in many pet owners feeding their dogs stale kibble. It’s no wonder they stop eating it when you get to the end of the bag!” he explains.

How it works

1. Create a pooch profile: Provide details surrounding your dog’s name, weight, activity level & gender.

2. Meal plan optimisations: Fetched uses their proprietary algorithm to calculate your dog’s unique meal plan, saving you the hassle of portion control, forever.

3. Doorstep delivery: Once you’ve signed up, your Fetched dog food subscription boxes will arrive at your doorstep like clockwork, so you’ll never run out of kibble again.

With ingredients sourced by Australian farmers, Fetched has been created by vet nutritionists using human-grade ingredients free from grain, artificial additives and is packed with superfoods

The kibble had been developed with Beet Pulp & Chicory Root for digestion, Omega 3 & Omega 6 for skin and coat, natural antioxidants for a healthy immune system and is infused with meat for strong active muscles.

The individual packs ensure there is no oxidation, loss of freshness and bad odour. 

Fetched’s delivery carton is fully recyclable in your usual kerbside recycling bin and the individual PawPacks are made from eco-friendly recyclable plastic that can be returned to any local store that has a plastic recycling station.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $79.00 (Box) available for purchase online at

MEDIA RELEASE, 13th January 2021

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