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Kangaroo Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed - Review

All our dogs spend a very large proportion of their lives sleeping (or daydreaming) and this only increases as they get older.

With our senior dog Conner's 14th birthday looming this week-end, we were keen to find out more about new Melbourne business Kangaroo Dog Bed who designed an orthopaedic memory foam dog bed, promising to make him much more comfortable in his old age.

As a young pup, Conner used to be a terrible chewer and his first store-bought premium dog bed was riddled with holes in a matter of weeks; these were dutifully and artistically patched up before he decided to add more designer touches... 
He was never going to get another luxury dog bed after that... until now!

For most of his life, he would much rather stay outdoors lying under trees but as age has sadly caught up with him and crippling arthritis is causing ongoing discomfort, these days he's most likely found stretched out on the carpet in the lounge.

He still appreciates coming onto the couch on occasions to watch TV but he mainly prefers to stay at floor level.

Our Experience with Kangaroo Bed 

The Kangaroo Dog Bed was designed in Melbourne, Australia with vet recommended guidelines to 
ensure all-season comfort:

1) the bed will retain your dog's body heat during winter and
2) it will absorb that body heat on hot summer days. 

The first thing you notice is that you're not just receiving a dog bed but (currently) included at no additional cost are a Winter Cover with Self-Heating Mat and a Self-Cooling Mat, just in time for summer.

One Large Kangaroo Dog Bed, one Winter Cover, one Self-Cooling Mat, yep, it's all here mum!

If you're unsure how to fit your Winter Cover or the Self-Cooling Mat, Kangaroo Bed have put together some great "how to" videos that take all the guess out of it! 

When the temps exceed 35°C degrees even with the aircon on, our dogs tend to abandon their beds preferring to lie on the cool tiles. This happens regularly in Sydney between November and February so we will be keeping a close eye on how long they remain on their new Kangaroo Dog Bed with the Self-Cooling Mat on these extreme hot days.

The bed features a skid-resistant bottom - which is pretty standard on all pet beds - but so essential when you have dogs who love a good rumble to ensure no one ends up flying!

The Kangaroo Dog Bed is scratch and bite resistant, a claim both our Mals will eagerly put to the test as they're none too gentle with their belongings. Porthos in particular, is known for his sudden bursts of craziness where he will enthusiatically paw at his bed (and others' too...) sending inserts and even mattresses flying up in the air! We thought  it would be safer to capture their new bed in all its glory before letting our dogs loose on it...

For those of you with dogs suffering from environmental allergies, you'll be interested to know that the Kangaroo Dog Bed is resistant to dust mites and mould. The covers are easily unzipped and fully machine washable for easy regular maintenance.

One of our favourite features is the all round bolster foam providing a nice protective boundary (great for anxious dogs) and a place for our dogs to rest their weary heads.

Because your bed is delivered rolled tightly (vacuum-packed to fit in the box), you first need to unfold it and then let the memory foam work its magic. 

As we found out, it can take up to 72 hours for the bed to achieve its final shape and we noticed the bolster kept getting plumper and plumper over the first two days.

Aramis tries the new Kangaroo Dog Bed, straight out of the box with bolster foam yet to regain its shape

The Kangaroo Dog Bed comes in Grey only but luckily it's on trend and will suit any home d├ęcor! It is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The Large Kangaroo Dog Bed will suit any dog measuring all the way up to 100cm (distance is measured from the tip of their nose to the base of the tail). 

With our Belgian Shepherds (two Malinois and one Tervuren) all being over 30kg, the Large size (120cm x 95cm x 17.5cm) was the perfect fit and the largest dog bed we've ever used in the last 14 years.

It is extremely spacious so any of our dogs is now able to fully stretch out and it would be so tempting to join them for a nap!

On the days when Conner decides to relinquish his rights to the bed, we expect our twin Malinois will be on a time share for their naps (especially when the soft winter cover goes on) and our cat Arya will no doubt steal it too!

Dealing with the owner directly, we found the personal customer service was excellent and our delivery from interstate (Victoria to NSW) was easily tracked and reasonably quick (7 days).

Obviously, we'll have to monitor how the Kangaroo Dog Bed performs with normal wear and tear over coming months (especially when we wash the covers) so we will keep updating our review accordingly.

They say "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" but experiencing the Kangaroo Dog Bed was a great first one and so far it has all our pets' paw of approval.

With their current special offer (25% off) plus two essential accessories (valued at $88) thrown in, we feel that Kangaroo Bed is offering great value for money to Australian pet owners looking for an all seasons long-lasting dog bed and definitely an option worth exploring!

Just in time for the colder months, you can now convert your all season dog bed into a calming bed as well!

The new Calming Bed Cover includes two custom pieces for both the memory foam cushion and insert mat. It is extremely soft to the touch (designed to replicate a mother's fur coat). It will help calm your dog and provide a relaxed environment for sleeping. Our own nervous Porthos was a big fan right from the start!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $229.00 - $329.00 (Bed); from $79.00 (Calming Bed Cover); from $49.00 (Winter Cover) at

Follow Kangaroo Bed on Facebook at 

last updated 13th April 2021

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