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Swanky Paws Charity Book supports RSPCA NSW

To support RSPCA NSW, Swanky Paws has teamed up with Studio1000 Photography Australia to release a Limited Edition Charity Book called “Swanky Paws.”

The sophisticated look book will feature up to 100 lucky pooches in a beautiful, hardcover coffee table book. 

The portraits will be studio professional quality and feature dogs dressed in fashion and custom outfits provided by Swanky Paws. Everything from Swarovski accessories to show stopping custom outfits will be on display. Participating dogs from Sydney will be featured in this book to be sold worldwide.

What benefits will you receive?

  • One on one Photo Shoot in a professional photography studio
  • Guaranteed Feature in the "Swanky Paws" Book
  • Free Dog Fashion provided
  • 15% off Voucher from Swanky Paws
  • 50% Off Custom Outfit* from Swanky Paws
  • Bonus Additional Studio Time* from Studio1000
  • Bonus $200 wall art credit from Studio1000
  • Potential Coverage including dog magazines, mainstream media and more.
  • Top Photos to be featured on website & social media from Swanky Paws & Studio1000
  • Book Photos credited with your social media handle
  • $75.00 Participation Fee will be donated to RSPCA NSW
@coco_the_peekapoo - Photo Credit: Studio1000 Photography Australia

For more details and to register your interest, please visit

What is you don't live near Sydney but still want to be a part of it?

The best way to help make this project as successful as possible is simply to let people know about it!

Even if you cannot take part with your dog, you can still assist by just sharing this initiative or buying a book once it's released. This will help to support RSPCA NSW as well as the local businesses involved.
@coco_the_peekapoo - Photo Credit: Studio1000 Photography Australia

To celebrate the launch of the "Swanky Paws" Charity Book project, they're also running an Instagram giveaway.
Prizes include a Free Custom outfit, a Swanky Paws Book experience, a $50 Voucher and much more.

If you have any questions regarding the Swanky Paws look book or their products, visit or email 

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