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Petkix launches 360° Dog Camera with Pan and Zoom on Kickstarter

No more limited view of your dog at any corner of the room with a 360º digital cam pan.

Petkix, startup pioneering pet technology, is launching today its Petkix 360° Dog Camera through a Kickstarter campaign. This smart camera enables busy pet owners to spend less time taking care of their pets' basic needs, more time having fun, and interacting with their dogs from anywhere. 

Petkix 360° Dog Camera is the 2nd generation camera modelled off the original Petkix Camera. Compared to the old version, the latest camera has been redesigned and innovated, especially the ultra wide 360° pan-cam to spin around the whole room in under 3 seconds.

“Leaving your dog home alone can be challenging,” said Michael Nguyen, CEO
 of Petkix. “
As a dog parent, the struggle of having to leave my dog is what initially inspired the development of Petkix
Basically, the main benefit of having a dog camera is to keep an eye on your pup when you are not at home. However, even if you have a dog camera at home, there is still something uncontrollable - the limited viewing angle of the lens. You know your dog is still somewhere in the room but doesn't know exactly what he’s doing or where he is.”

Unlike the other general dog cameras, the angle lens is often limited from 90° - 160°, Petkix camera provides superior coverage thanks to its massive 360° field of view in less than 3 seconds. Panning has a 360° left/right rotation range that enables dog parents to take it for a spin to patrol the room or set the camera’s patrol route with up to 4 custom waypoints to see every angle of the room, what dogs are doing while users are away, on-demand.

For the latest version, Petkix Camera delivers Full HD live-streaming with stunning clarity, two-way audio, and night vision. Petkix also has digital zoom capabilities up to 9x. To zoom in or out, dog owners can double-tap or pinch two fingers together or apart on the Live Stream video

Besides, an updated treat flinging mechanism allows users to better control treat portions and supports a greater variety of treat sizes for the treat-tossing feature. 

By engaging in interacting, Petkix helps dogs reduce their feeling of loneliness, mitigate their stress, and create a positive experience during the time pet parents are away.
In addition to keeping dogs safe at home, Petkix gives pet parents real-time smart alerts to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Powered with AI technology, Petkix understands what dogs need and alerts dog owners to potential dangers in real-time: Dog Barking alerts, Activity Alert, and Dog Selfie Alert via a companion app (which both works with any iOS, Android device). 

Within its field of view, users keep an eye on their dogs without constantly monitoring and keep them safe from unexpected emergencies such as house fire or gas leak.

Petkix Dog Camera, including 360º digital pan cam and built-in AI pet care, will be available to all customers starting September 1st

Funding closed on 21 September 2020 with estimated delivery in December 2020.

Price & Where to Pre-order

RRP: from US$129 / A$176 (for early adopters - limited to the first 80 people). 
Learn more and pre-order at

About Petkix Dog Camera

Based in California, Petkix is a hardware startup pioneering pet technology. Its latest product, Petkix Dog Camera, is the world-first dog camera with both a 360-degree view and built-in AI functions. Petkix’s goal is to create a world full of happy dogs and to enhance pet care through technology remotely. First-time shown up in CES 2019, Petkix received a lot of positive feedback from consumer experts. For more information, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, Mountain View, CA — September 1, 2020

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