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INABA Dog & Cat Treats available in Australia

After a long and well-respected history in manufacturing quality human and pet foods throughout the world, INABA Foods Co Ltd have continued expanding their own brand of pet treats internationally. Establishing offices in over 10 countries to date and now emerging into the Australian market since early 2020. 

This is an exciting time for Australian pet parents, who will have access to INABA’s tasty, healthy and interactive pet treats - for cats and dogs - that are not only high-quality, but low calorie, high moisture and human grade too. 

When you think of quality, taste and health, INABA Pet Foods should be top of mind. 
INABA pride themselves on delivering tasty pet treats into the Australian market with the same company ethos and strategy that has made them number one in Japan many years. 

INABA use the same fresh, quality ingredients used in human foods, ensuring your pet has only the best. All their tuna is ethically caught wild tuna and all their chicken is farm raised.

The INABA cat treat range offers a variety of delicious and healthy treats for your feline to enjoy.

INABA treats are low in calories and highly palatable so you won’t feel guilty feeding your pet between meals. 

The high moisture content of their treats adds an all-important health benefit for your cat as many cats do not instinctively seek out water to drink and prefer to get most of their fluids from their food.   

INABA treats are also grain free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  

INABA has been delighting pets and pet parents around the world and we know you and your pet will enjoy their amazing range of treats too. 

Look out for INABA pet treats in your local pet store and if you can’t find them, please ask for them by name or contact INABA Australia directly and they will assist you further. 
Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $5.49 at and from Amazon AU.

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MEDIA RELEASE, August 2020

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