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Bender & Friends Gotcha Pack - Review

When planning your dog's 'Gotcha Day' celebrations (their birthday is a bit of a guess for our rescue dogs), it's increasingly hard to decide how to spoil them from the plethora of dog toys, treats and accessories available in the Australian market.

Over the past five years, our lucky dogs have sampled a few special occasion boxes so are a lot harder to impress these days! What they (we) really want to see are high-quality Australian-made items with that special "Je ne sais quoi", rather than cheap imports and samples filling our box.

Bender & Friends reached out to us in July and we agreed to take a look at their Gotcha Pack option to celebrate our Malinois Aramis' fifth Gotcha Day, officially on September 15!

About Bender & Friends

Owner and Founder Adele told us that she did not use to even like dogs! But of course that was before she became fur mum to her Mini Dachshund Bender, who proceeded to take over her life and provided the inspiration behind her business... Don't they all?

Like so many people this year, her normal work in the entertainment industry did shut down in the wake of Covid-19 and she found herself with lots of free time, possibly until 2021!

Bender & Friends started in early May 2020 after Adele tried to find new products for her pup but quickly realised that sourcing them from many different  providers would cost a fortune in postage costs so why not bundle her top picks in various box options for other dog lovers to enjoy as well? 

What started as a bit of a passion project quickly grew into a successful business, which has now delivered happiness to hundreds of dogs and their owners around Australia, including ourselves. We certainly can all do with some cheering up at present!
Introducing the Bender & Friends Gotcha Pack

All the exciting options to choose from for your dog's next celebration are under the Birthday Pawty section of the Bender & Friends website.

Aramis' Gotcha Pack could be customised to suit her size and exacting tastes! It featured:
✔️ 1 Dog Toy: a colourful KONG Aloha Gecko (this is a squeaker toy, great for toss and fetch indoors but being designed for light/moderate chewers, it may not survive its first day!)
✔️ 1 Gotcha Day Themed Bandana (blue or pink) - this easily slips onto most collars, even a wide one.
✔️ 1 Large 'Gotcha' Bone Cookie from Huds and Toke (all natural, with a tasty peanut butter base and yoghurt frosting). Definitely the winner on the day!
✔️ 1 Pack of Bender & Friends 'Peanut Paws' gourmet dog treats.
✔️ 1 L'Barkery Drink: Smoothpaw is a honey, banana & turmeric smoothie, 100% natural and suitable for both dogs and cats to drink.
✔️ Balloons (the pack includes lots of colours, pre-cut ribbons and even a garland strip to tie them to if you're feeling creative).

One happy Malinois girl grinning from ear to ear: check!
We received a couple of extra treats to showcase the wide range available: e.g. a Veggie Paws paw-shaped plant-based treat or a Whimzees large dental stick - our dogs tend to inhale those so curious to see if this will be any different?

In addition to the Gotcha Pack, you could choose from the Pawty Pack, Barkday Pack (or Mini Barkday), or an optional dog party hat (gorgeous little sequin numbers with pompom in a range of colours), a selection of themed bandanas/bowties and dog enrichment toys so you can really tailor your dog's celebration day to their tastes and include some extra guests!

"Thanks for inviting me to your pawty, sis'... Porthos looked dashing in his 'Coco Loco' bandana!"

All items are extremely well packed and presented in colourful paper to create a real party vibe so we were very impressed by all the attention to details as well as the value for money offered by the Bender & Friends Gotcha Pack.

If you live with active tough chewers and are looking for innovative enrichment options, don't forget to take a look at the Tough Pack, jam-packed full of goodies to spoil your dog!

This option is designed for those dogs that love to chew with a selection of toys likely to last. Our Benders & Friends Tough Pack included:

✔️ 2+ Tough Durable Dog Toys: a Sodapup Cherry Pie Treat Holder (from their Petstrong range designed for power chewers), a Can Toy Treat Dispenser also from Sodapup plus a JW Mixed Zig Zag Cuz (still unsure how the dogs will use that one!).
✔️ 1 Handy Accessory: a LickiMat Soother from Innovative Pet Products, perfect for runny treats like natural peanut butter, natural yoghurt, cream cheese or our dogs' favourite: canned sardines in springwater! 
✔️ 1 Stylish Bandana
✔️ 1 Packet of Bender & Friends Treats (Carob & Yoghurt Paws)
✔️ 1 Full Size Mystery Treat Packet: ours was the All Barks Australian Kangaroo dog treats (shaped like burger patties!).
✔️ 2+ Fun Sample Products: Lifewise Pet FoodWhimzees Hedgehog dental treat.

All items were handpicked for our dog's size and you can choose from four available options: Tiny Dog (up to 4kg), Small Dog (4kg-8kg), Medium Dog (8kg-25kg), Large Dog (25kg+).
If you have a toy preference, simply mention it at checkout and the company will do its best (depending on availability).

As with all boxes, you'll receive a handful of brochures and special offers from the brands included. If your dog(s) really enjoyed their samples, you'll be able to re-order easily.

Based on our personal experience with both the Gotcha Pack and the Tough Pack, we highly rate these two boxes, which would make a great birthday or Christmas gift option for your dogs. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $48.00 (Gotcha Pack): $15.00 (3 Dog Party Hats); $65.00 (Tough Pack) from

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