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Bell & Bone launches Dental Stick range

Bell & Bone Launches an Australia-first Dental Stick Range to Promote Health and Prevent Gum Disease in Dogs

Australian owned and made dog food brand Bell & Bone is taking on the pet food multinational corporations with the launch of their innovative new range of Dental Sticks.

Bell & Bone have launched its new Dental Sticks range to the market driven by its mission to address the growing issue of poor dental health in dogs, using healthy, Australian, natural ingredients.

With an ethos for providing purposeful food with a transparent ingredient list, Bell & Bone developed the range of Dental Sticks after learning that 4 out of 5 dogs will have gum disease by the young age of 3.

Developed in consultation with a vet scientist and a pet nutritionist the new range of Dental Sticks contain active ingredients that prevent and reduce tartar build up and freshen breath when consumed daily.

Available in three flavours, the made in Melbourne Dental Sticks contain all-natural healthy superfood ingredients that are scientifically proven to address dog gum and mouth health needs. 

The new flavour ranges include:

✔️ Kangaroo, Mint and Turmeric
✔️ Chicken, Mint and Seaweed and 
✔️ Salmon, Mint and Charcoal 

The ingredients list packs some powerful benefits. Mint is proven to freshen dog’s breath, Turmeric can reduce the risk of gum inflammation and disease, Seaweed has been proven to improve dental hygiene, and Charcoal can alleviate bloating, gas, heartburn and stomach pains which help to reduce bad breath.

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks also contain the safe active ingredients Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) and Zinc Sulphate that bind directly to teeth enamel, interacting with calcium in the dog’s mouth to prevent it being able to form plaque and inhibits the growth of bacteria. This helps to reduce bad breath and prevent teeth stains.

Bell & Bone founder Arianne Sackville said, “as we recommend daily consumption for optimal benefits it was crucial that the range not only helps to clean teeth but is full of healthy ingredients to promote overall health and wellbeing for our dogs.”

Bell & Bone’s truly innovative range is set to disrupt one of the most prominent sub-categories of the dog food market.

“Our Dental Range is truly different. Not only does it address the main issue by preventing and reducing plaque with active ingredients, but it is genuinely healthy too. 

Protein is the first ingredient, there is no added sugar and they’re grain free, meaning no fillers like rice, white potato or corn. This is a combination not currently available on the market and is the only off-the-shelf dental product I feel comfortable giving to my own dog, Louie.”

Bell & Bone is committed to continually disrupting the industry with a genuinely healthy product range and transparent ingredient list. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $14.95 - $18.95 at

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are available in 250 stores nationally and online.

About Bell & Bone

Bell & Bone was launched as a result of Arianne’s frustration with the commercial pet food products available on the market. The lack of transparency in the ingredients list and the confusing mixed messages on the packaging led her to the decision to take matters into her own hands. 

Arianne sought not only to enter the industry, but to revolutionise it with purposeful food, clear messaging and a transparent ingredient list in a fairly unregulated market. 

The Bell & Bone product range also includes Superfood Dog Treats, using superfood, all-natural, human grade ingredients such as flaxseed, turmeric, chia, carob, coconut and ginger, and Freeze Dried Raw Treats containing chicken, broccoli, ginger, salmon, carrot, kale, kangaroo, spinach and kelp. 

MEDIA RELEASE, 24th September 2020

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