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Vet-formulated Health Jellies for Dogs

3 million anxious dogs could feel calmer with a simple addition to their diet: Australia's first vet-formulated health jellies for dogs

About two out of three dogs show signs of anxious behaviour.

Add a sustained stint of working from home during the current COVID crisis - with dogs adjusting to the fact their owners are always there - and dogs could experience even more separation anxiety when people go back to work.

Holistic vet Dr Kathy Cornack says that anxious behaviour often goes unrecognised. For instance, when your dog follows you from room to room, it’s more likely a sign of anxiety than it is unconditional love. This shadowing behaviour, and a host of other often unrecognised signals – everything from yawning to jumping up and down with excitement, could mean a dog is anxious.

Now however, anxious dogs could be helped by a simple addition to the diet – a daily health jelly Dr Cornack helped formulate for Australian pet supplement company, Bestie Kitchen

Targeting the COVID-trend of getting back into the kitchen, with ‘grandma-style’ cooking, the health jellies are made at home by adding water to the jelly mix, and setting it in the fridge. 

Moodle Molly has always been anxious
“They’re just like the Aeroplane jellies we loved as kids, but for dogs. And healthier,” says Bestie Kitchen founder Amanda Falconer. 

Sydney dog owner Clare says her Moodle Molly has been anxious for ages but became even more hyper as Clare tried to work from home for her busy advertising agency. Clare took part in a trial of the jellies during lockdown. 

The OM jellies were super easy to make and definitely helped keep her calmer in a time of change, with a new puppy next door and working from home.” 

As well as anxious behaviour, the jellies target other common chronic conditions like cognitive decline, immune system stress, stinky breath (halitosis) and more. 

The formulations are based on peer-reviewed science into the effects of various nutraceuticals on chronic conditions. 

Hundreds of research papers were read and reviewed to find ones that had done trials on the impact of nutraceutical supplementation on a number of chronic conditions. 

Having narrowed down to a select number of conditions and studies the company approached Dr Cornack, a nationally recognised holistic vet, to build on the research and develop the formulations.

The research study on which The Om is based involved 24 dogs who displayed anxious behaviour. After 10 days on a nutraceutical supplement to their diet, there was significant improvement in the times spent active and at rest and an overall significant improvement in clinical and behavioural symptoms.

bestie health jellies are made in Newcastle, using primarily Australian ingredients, that are natural or naturally derived. Unlike other products, they contain no synthetic vitamins or fake animal flavourings.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 7th August 2020

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